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  1. all those idea are good and all but how would they be implamented to the console versions? sw:b 2? 50 clams was enough for 1. i guess x box live could download it for ya but thats about it...maken us console ony guys feel jeilous. even with that in mind i think a non movie type battle should be on the first death star before the battle of yavin a rebal strike team is smuggled aboard and tries to set the power core to over load the destrutible CP's for both would be the rebal's a boarding craft maybe one that looks like the transports from hoth and the cooling tower for the reactor core. if the landing craft is destroyed the rebals lose and if the coolnig tower is destroyed then all remaining rebals have to get back to the ship before a count down timer hits zero if they dont make it back in time or die they lose 15 points or something, as for the empirials they gotta get to the escape pods 3 ppl per pod before it can launch unless there are no other imps on the map or they lose 15 points off thier kill score or some other penalty. it wouldnt be a normal map for SW:B but i think it would be fun.
  2. too many to make a poll out of it and its probaly aready been posted but at any rate my fav is the speederbike your fast can kill ppl by running them down quick to repair and fun as hell to ride even with the constant risk of crashing. the best map for it is the dune sea lots of open space on the out side to do quick repairs and mowing ppl down is a blast. my least favorite is the AT AT yea it tough and powerful but just 1 decent snowspeeder pilot on hoth or 1 combat speeder getting behind you on ren var means your gettnig a rock salvo up the @$$.
  3. i think that the best way to fix the weapon problem was already used in halo. for example if i wanted to trade in my 1st primary weapon i kill the guy i who has that weapon and i drop my 1st primary to take his. that way you dont have a ton of weapons to cycle through and your not out gunning everyone else...still would be cool if ya could duel wield the pistols
  4. has anyone tried standing on the floor of the gunship so that more ppl could be taken to the front? and if so is it hard to stay on it while it moves or what?
  5. thats true, but if a clan did some private pratice runs it should be easy enough to pull off;) now for just normal players it would be tough cause they might not know what to do or just wanna do thier own thing, but a clan that had some trial runs on thier own should be able to make it work.
  6. The jeter's gun is not over powered imho. he only gets 2 shots per clip, a slow refire rate(long enough for a droideka to activate the shied) and reload. Add to that he only gets 8 shots total b4 running out of ammo. as for the droideka problem i usualy wait for him 2 un roll himself then hit 1 with the em gun and then switch to the blaster to finish him.
  7. personaly i prefer the republic jet trooper i love the jetpack, i tell ya if he had been given a sniper rifle he would be untouchable from some of those nice little ledges that only he could get too.
  8. knowing this would take longer to explain mid game,so im gonig to tell my strat would be more effecint(sp) here would be better so here it goes this is a strat for the republic on the bespin platforms mission. there should be 4 teams Alpha Bravo Charlie and Delta. team A and B will consist of 1 pilot and 4 jet troopers team C will be 2 pilots and D will be what ever class is nessisary at the time. Phase one Alpha will gather at the gunship on the left and Bravo will form up on the right gunship. Charlie will take 2 jedi starfighters and immedity(sp) take out all AA guns on at the enemy base. Delta will give the droids hell at the extractor(center CP) but will not take the CP i repeat do NOT take the CP if dealta does then give it up by phase 2. Phase 2: with the AA guns destroyed Charlie will keep as many enemy fighters out of the air as possible whil teams aplha and Bravo will fly over the rear enemy CP's 1 gunship each. while flying at full speed over the CP the jet troopers will jump out over the CP(the reason they all have to be jets is for 2 reasons (1 they dont get hurt from the long drop, and 2 if the jump too late or too early they can use the jetpack mid fall to get back up to the platfrom.) Team Delta should have alrdy have the full attention of the droids on the bridge btw the republic base and the extractor. Phase 3: the gunships will provide air cover for the jet troopers while they take the CP's. The rest of the teams should continue the objectives of phase 2. Phase 4: with the rear droid CP's taken the pilots of Alpha and Bravo will pick up the survivers(hopefully none died) and will then take them to the roof of the 3rd CP on the driod's base the troopers will then jet down to the 2nd floor and run down to take the third CP with 8 Jt's it shouldnt be much of a problem if Dealta gave the driods the center CP so most of the droids will be there. after dropping the troopers off the gunships will cover the bridge to the extractor. team Charlie will keep the rear CP's from being taken from any droids that try during the lift from the rear CP's to the center one. Delta should still have the droids stalled on the bridge leading to the republic base. Phase 5: with only the center CP left to the droids the republic should be able to crush the droids with little trouble. well thats my first strat for a map try it out with a clan and it might work. just as a recap the teams should look like this Alpha: 1 pilot 4 jet troopers 1 gunship Bravo: 1 pilot 4 jet troopers 1 gunship Charlie: 2 pilots 2 jedi starfighters Delta: at least 3 PC's to hold off the droids any class you see fit for the job.good luck Ghost-7117 out
  9. dont know if may poeple know but there is a way to get a aat or atst in mos esli(spell?) in the gcw i think all ya gotta do is get the empire to cap the hanger, as for the clone war its a bit tricker since the droids alrdy start with the hanger, ya gotta lose it then regain the hanger as the droids to get the aat. the tanks spawn outside the main entracne to the hanger. hope it helps.
  10. it is possible to wrap an AT AT even when they are that close to each otherit happened once to me on SP it was a fluke that the ai did it but i was able to wrap one then the other you just gotta be extremly tight when circling the 2nd one now since it was SP there was no real effort to bring me down but the 2nd AtAt was on part of the hill so that made it even worse but it is possible now on MP could be a different story.
  11. I've playied lots of star wars games and this is the first one i've ever seen where the bots were actualy able to wrap up an AT-AT kudo's to the dev's for that one i still remember the battle of hoth in that game Shadows of the Empire, the two missions that had allies (hoth and the last one) the bot allies wernt worth jack:swear: think you could acualy rely on your allies in any of the rogue squadron games? . After seeing that the bots here have at least have 75 IQ ,I say let them in at least for the crudy gunner spots or the @$$ lasers on the at te. its fun watching the bot's wrap up an at at all the while thinking "its a bout F***ing time they were smart enough to do that in one of these SW games." still it is still fun hearing the gunner Bit** about my crazy flying on hoth:sspeeder: through the legs of a usualy gets some funny prases from my copilot.
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