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  1. The Dark Troopers in this game don't appear very frightening. Their weapons is not very good, their armor is nothing special and their Jump Pack is nothing like the Clone Jet packs. I would like to know if I'm using it wrong or are the Dark Troopers realy lacking? If there was an improvement to be made, what would it be?
  2. If we were to push for an expansion pack, what would you like to see? More maps! Some being extremely large maps which can make full use of vehicles. Certain maps are great as high action fragfests, but we need some maps where strategy can be applied. Use the Republic Gunships to carry and drop troops to a distant location. I would like to see some space maps where you can fly your star fighters around but also board Star Ships and battle in the corridors and such. Add at least one new unit per faction. For the Droids, I dunno what I would add. A cheap infantry soldier that looks like the regular battle droids? For the rebels, there is a lot of opportunity here. How about a rebel officer? When he's in range of rebel troops, he slightly boosts their stats. Same for Imperial. An Imperial officer can boosts stats of any troops within a certain distance. For the republic, a red ARC trooper with dual pistols. (now where did I get that idea from?) New Game Styles I would like to see some Assault (UT) like game styles which would likely need their own maps. Or even a push concept that would concentrate the battle at one spawn point rather than have to worry about all spawn points. New Factions If we had two new factions what would they be? One from the Vader days and one from the old Republic days. For the Vader days, the Hutt faction might be interesting. For the old republic days, I dunno. Gungans? (shiver). We'll think of something. ========= I would like to suggest a fully configuration game setup. Increase the amount of tickets, configure the ratio, and as long as your computer can handle it, increase the amount of troops on the battle field. However, this needs to be a patch. Its something that should have come with the game in the first place. ========= In the mean time, any other ideas?
  3. My biggest peeve from this game is the small maps. They do well to concentrate the battles into an small area, but it doesn't leave you with much flexability to run those special strategic missions like in Battlefield 1942 or Desert Combat. For certain maps, they are fine as they are, but other maps need to be larger. Otherwise, the gunships can't really be used to its full potential. Not to mention, the gunships themselves have only 1 slot to carry troops, the rest are gunnery slots. Works the same, but the gunship leaves without being able to defend itself effectively. So for me, bigger maps. Increase travel time on certain maps. Give the pilots more purpose.
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