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  1. This Pope's a lot more hardline than the old one. This means that more people will ignore the Catholic Church's opinion. As it should be.
  2. you could always not read tabloids or not watch poor quality news broadcasts if youre unhappy with them, i dont, i tend to stick to better news sources.
  3. a terrible shame the pope is dead, he was a great man who could reach across just about every social barrier there is to reach people and give them hope. As the leader of the catholic church and the most influential christian in the world, he should have been the epitome of everything that i'm against, and indeed some of the views he put forward were consitant with that, but you cant ignore the good work that he did in his life. A shame Christianity as a whole cant be like that.
  4. id say your not looking hard enough. Ive heard people say "its not that common in my school" before (including ludicrously at my old school), i assure you, it is. Its not always obvious because people often wont speak up for themselves.
  5. yeah theres a baby here in Britain who is extremely ill and the courts put a do not resuscitate order on the child against the wishes of its parents. Very sad situations
  6. well, ive been through my opinion of Moore and Farenheit 9/11 on many occaisons so please forgive me for keeping this brief rather than going into detail on it. Basically, i have nothing against Moore, ive read and enjoyed Dude, Wheres My Country and i think he's good at what he does. Farenheit 9/11 however, despite containing a lot of the same subject material as Dude, Wheres My Country turns his points into a rant with two major flaws. Firstly whereas Dude, Wheres my country dedicates an entire chapter to seeing and dealing with the opposite point of view to his, Moore makes no such undertaking in Farenheit 9/11. It is simply rant after rant, with just a couple of assertions that are a little too far out for my taste. The second thing is what is what irritated me more. Micheal Moore appeared to be suggesting that Bush was on some sort of mission to pack the young poor population of America off to war. Now before you say anything along the lines of "Of course he did, because he went to war with Iraq" please understand that im talking about a seperate issue to the start of the war. Moore is suggesting, or seems to be suggesting that since there is a war on, Bush wants to make sure it is fought by the poor people of the USA. The poor are always the ones who fight a war, it has been that way since the dawn of human conflict, it is not something unique to Bush's America, the poor volunteer for the army because they are looking at steady and relatively good pay plus possibly the chance to learn a useful trade that they dont have the oppertunity to study for at College like richer people. None of this is the doing of George W Bush, yet Moore would seem to want me to believe Bush wants to exterminate the poor youth of America.
  7. Bullies go after people because they want a victim. Groups like someone to pick on, im afraid it doesnt get whole lot more complex than that in a lot of cases Breton. Some people seem ive spoken to about bullying have two very important misconceptions about bullying: 1) They believe bullying isnt present in every single school in every single grade/year and that it is often by a group of people 2) They believe that behind every bully is some deep seated trauma or personal problem which causes them to act like it. Im afraid not. Bullying is widspread and often has no better reason than to have someone to belittle and pretend to be superior to.
  8. Well, I'd certainly like to see that be given a more widespread trial, it sounds effective. A big problem with schools in my eyes is that they dont do enough. Many have anti-bullying statements (in fact i think they are a legal requirement) but no clear strategy is evident in them. Something organised like what you describe there has half a chance. I do disagree with your statement that there should be concern for the bully as well as the victim, or at least i don't think there should be a lot of concern anyway. After all in some cases they cause serious possibly life-long harm. A harsh punishment for such an action is not unjustified. However the primary responsiblity is to help the person suffering, and the system you gave details of gives hope. and to Sith, its not always as simple as fighting back. If you fight back and lose theres a good chance of a bad situation getting worse. for all, the BBC has an excellent website on bullying and its effects which you can read at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/onelife/personal/index.shtml?bullying#topics if anyones in any doubt as to the effects of bullying go to the section which deals with real life stories and you can listen to the accounts of several people who have been affected by bullying, including a few famous faces.
  9. An interesting thought from a friend of mine today which I do kind of agree with. Basically the thought is that everyone has a negative initial reaction to a person of another color/culture instinctively. You might be more distrusting of someone who is different. Where not being a racist comes in is the ability to easily overcome this "automatic" reaction and take people for who they are. Racists are people who do not listen to what is reasonable and stick with this first impression. As I say I knid of agree, but not completely. I would say I have a distrusting reaction to Chavs (British reference, it basically means lower middle class thugs who were wish they were gangster rappers) and Goths so I do see how people have such an instant reaction, and indeed the key is in overcoming it with basic human behaviour. However I don't think I've had such a reaction on racial lines. When I put this to my friend he came back with the idea that in todays society its so beaten into us that we must not be racist or prejudiced against different cultures that if we do have such a reaction we may not even acknowledge it to ourselves let alone others, because nobody wants to admit racism in any form because its the short road to being labelled in any number of unpleasant ways. I should point out neither my friend nor I in any way condone racism in any way, shape or form. I just thought my friends point was worthy of discussion which is that rather than racism being just something we strive to prevent some people from promoting, it is also something which the decent person has learnt to supress in themselves as opposed to it never having been present at all.
  10. People should learn to sort it out for themselves in a excuse used by schools and other institutions for doing nothing. It suits these places to allow it to go on, it creates a predictable order among people. There is no way in hell it can ever be justified that there should be not interference, we are not animals, we are human beings and we should be able to stand up for someone else when its needed
  11. be that as it may, that doesnt mean people shouldnt be helped. And it doesnt mean you shouldnt employ tough tactics to show that bullying is just not acceptable. And the argument that people dont realise what theyre doing is rubbish. They are doing to to humiliate and to demean. That is the effect they want and they know by doing what they do they are likely to get it.
  12. Bullies are a real hate of mine. School bullies to be specific. People that select those that are weakest and cant fight back and make them miserable. Physical or Mental attacks, it doesnt matter. Bullies are the scum of the earth. I think that methods of dealing with bullying are pitifully weak, especially here in the UK. The punishment for severe or long term bullying should be the bully (or bullies) being expelled from school at the very least. I personally think that schools efforts to deal with the issue are absolutely laughable, I think it should be a police matter, bullies should be handed a real punishment and im not talking about the pitiful anti social behaviour orders that are impossible to enforce and no effort is made to anyway. Bullies should be left with a criminal record to show for their actions, after all a victim of bullying could carry the effects of the ordeal with them for the rest of their life, why shouldnt a bully have to deal with a black mark of a criminal record?
  13. argh! that damn film! Its just as flawed as those it criticises.
  14. Actually i dont classify Green Day as pop, just as "bad" i enjoyed them live at Reading but ive recovered from that now. But good for the kid, happy story
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