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  1. Yes french But I will speak english for the other people who don't speak french. Yes there are an error, I don't remember but I find my error. I don't scaled my model but my skeleton (before reset xform, weighting etc). But now it's fixed and my model work ! Thanks Psykosith for your answer
  2. Hey ! Okay, I'm trying to make my model, I made it successfully and I weighted it without problems. I have my textures, my model.glm, my .skin, all is okay but when I look ingame, I've a Kyle. If I look in the Profil (with Ja+) I see this : I don't know what's the problem, I tried to weight the model 3 times, always the same bug. Have someone any idea ? PS : Sorry about my language. I'm not english and I know it sucks
  3. Oh, we can't have the OJP Enhanced code??
  4. Ok and another question : it's possible to add some emote in OJP Enhanced? For sit, die etc ? Is there some emote in OJP Basic? Can I put them into OJP Enhanced?
  5. Hello! I started using this mod today, and it's again totally unknown for me. I would like use the OJP Enhanced Mod and I've got some problems : Is there any admins command? Or just the Rcon? -Can we start with full force points? That's all. And I'm sorry for you, my english grammar is really ****. I'm not English / American / Australian But I think you can understand my sentance. I checked the forum and I didn't saw how to correct my problems Bubai ! =)
  6. Thank you very mutch, but, your link redirect me to the filefront index, and not at the download page, it is normal?
  7. Hello ! I'v see this ultimate Jedi Pack, and i'm very interested, it was a splendid model, have you stoped the creation of this Jedi pack? Or it's finished ? If it's finish, can you send me this please? MSN address : nick_blin@hotmail.com E-mail address : jedisalek@gmail.com Thank you Arkan PS : My english language sucks because i'm not english, but i think it was readable
  8. :band:Cosmos , i have a idea for your model, the red team = red twi'lek , the blue team = blue twi'lek, no chang the clowses , yes for the red team and no for the blue team.
  9. yes i search a twi'lek male since Jedi Academy is out
  10. Hello i'm new on this forum , i want just say : Cosmos , you have MSN ? (yes , tell me , my adress : nick_blin@hotmail.com) and, iwant a Male twi'lek skin , your skin are end , tell me. PS : I speak no correct english and i can skin
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