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  1. Personally I spent about 12hrs a week playing this game. I would give it a score of 8.25... or up to a 9 out of 10 if you are playing with good team members online.
  2. I don't know what you have heard, but I haven't seen the PC patch yet for SWBF2. Personally, I had fun with the PS2 verson of SWBF but decided to get the PC version when the second one came out. If you want patches, mods and maps... you might want to do the same.
  3. jaemz

    No Done Button

    I have noticed this on certian servers. Sometimes I get the 'connection to host' message flash as well. However, 75% of the servers seem to be fine, and I get the 'done' message and quickly load to the next map.
  4. Hello and welcome. I was online tonight and would guess that there were at least 500 people showing in the list of servers available to me. Some of the servers hosting games could handle 50 players, the majority were around 32 players and there appeared to be alot that ran 12 or less (likely pc hosting games). Everything from full maps, to space battles, hero battles, CTF, Assault... if you are thinking of getting this for the PC, I would definately recomend it. Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks, I wasn't going to bother but now I will... I will let you know how/if it works.
  6. 7.9... but all of my games have been online.
  7. Maybe the problem with adding Qui Gon to the hero list (the same as old Ben) is that your troop counter would go up when he dies, instead of going down.
  8. Gueedo... or any of the bounty hunters in the line-up talking to Darth Vader in eppV
  9. I like spectating the heroes/villians match and seeing the choke hold being done... for the first few times, I thought someone had a disco dancing mod as the seem to 'dance' to the sound of the cantina music.
  10. Hero Assault is pretty fun, but I voted for the Space Battles... CTF in space sucks so much time from me.
  11. Anyone know if my P3 866Mhz 1GRAM XPpro machine on a 2M(down)/600k(up) broadband connection would make a decent dedicated server for SWBF2 PC? If so, any idea what kind of player limit or hosting issues I may have? Thanks for the input...
  12. The space battles are what really make this game awesome in my books. Each side (usually) has a star destroyer (type ship) and a friggot style ship. The SD has the spawn point, starfighter bay, turret command room and sometimes a destroyable warp core. The friggots are destroyable (I think, but they don't seem to do much). From the launch bay, if you hop into one of the many types of star fighters, or troop transports... you lift off and fly out of the bay and into space. Prepare to dogfight, avoid turret fire, fly around obsticles and shoot anything that moves. I could go on for hours about the space battles, but I would rather play them. Hope that helps, see you online.
  13. Why Pandemic, did you sell out to an investment firm that counts Bono from U2 as a member? Noooooooooooo...
  14. Better is pretty subjective. Personally I am having a blast playing this online... the space battles are amazing. Will your friends like it more than the first SWBF? Well that is hard to answer... but I would bet money they will like it more than the first one. I would recomend getting this one, trying it out yourself... and then see if you will recomend it.
  15. I wouldn't say it is crap... just another tool. What you really need is 3 snipers at the same place to drop their turrets together, I am sure a couple of these together will be alot more effective.
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