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  1. Ok so the hawk stays but i think it needs a new paintjob it looking a bit trashed up at the moment what with crashing into every moving object and maybe a few upgrades. However maybe we might get to play in another ship, we have done in both games such as the ship in the beggining of the first game and the something or rather later on in the game. Maybe we might experience a few other ships maybe not just as levels or places to go but as a transport device a few times.
  2. Well i think were going to hear something from lucas arts pretty soon. With no new films to make, they are focusing on game with a massive haul of games spewing from them. We havn't heard one word about KOTOR yet but i think that will change. With Star wars battlefront 2 out, empire of war or whatever its called, and many other games out, they have only got lego on the devoloping list. (Which will be out sometime in autumn) they are running out of things to do. I dont think they will redo star wars galaxies because it just doesnt contain a large portion of the mmorg market, with such games as world of warcraft miles better. SO I dont really see anything else they can build on except kotor. With the kotor series having a massive loyal fan base, brings in good money. So sometime soon werll hear something from old lucasy himself. So until then...
  3. i have to agree with the disagreer's (is that even a word?) Although i wouldnt mind a cut scene in the middle of the battle to know something has changed becuase i love cut scenes in kotor they look so good, and with the 360's graphics the cut scenes could be even better with better graphics and a more slic feel maybe even getting rid of some rubbish loading times.
  4. it is the hawk a new and improved hawk. Like action man everyone likes action man but every time he needs something new like a torpedo gun or a space buggy. So the hawk needs something new about it...
  5. Wassamatter with a purple space ship, every badass dude has a purple spaceship if Mr T was in Starwars hed have a purple spaceship with gold rims and what do you mean no hydrolics. Yea i like the thought of fluffy dice though pink ones with a ink tree airfreshner very cool.
  6. New ship, with spinning hydrothruster rims, purple furry seats, tinted windows, cool black/purple paint job, Neon lights, Hydrolics (for a bumpy ride). Basically pimp my wheelchair but pimp my starship.
  7. New PC FTW (Wow iv been playing to much WOW (World of Warcraft)) You start off as a new PC getting raped in an alley by a drunken cabdriving zen master and then you fall into a trashcan and eat some readybreak that turns you into a jedi/sith god depending if it was warm or cold. You then realise that the readybreak packet contained a free lightsbaer which you batter the cab driver swearing revenge on cabdrivers everywhere and then you find out Revan was a cabdriver (Dun, Dun, Dun). Using your godly sith/jedi powers you procede to spank these true sith around the room forcing them to eat frosties instead of readybreak and then you finish revan off by finding some weaterbix to start the poonage duel of your life where you spank revan around the room. /End Story/
  8. nah sorry was joking with that last post lol im cruel giving fuel to your misdirected fire it will be a new PC, another no-body. Miner or Farmer to jedi/sith bad-ass dude that can do what they want. Lol why cant they give you a monkey instead, I mean monkey ball evolved star wars version they can do it with monopoly so why not...
  9. how about Revan is so rubbish against these new sith and so these sith being soo mch more powerful than him you are essentially level 1.
  10. My ideas for the game are simply thus, you play a new character but you start of as a kid in Civil war (ala Revan vs Malak) in coruscant you do your first trials (complete with training saber), you see how the civil war affected the galaxy. Go on a training mission to alderaan and play political apprentice you reincounter the game 2 years later with the exiles time and you flee with all the other apprentices being scared of being slaughtered, however the masters stay and remain diligent and get murdered (ala Kotor 2) but ypu play part of the game in the time period of kotor 2 trying to gtet off of coruscant so you can get a new identity. Then finally being enlisted on a mercanarys ship you fly away from coruscant and pass on out of exsistence and make a new name as a mercanary. 1 year later- In a raid your ship is caught by pirates and you flee in the shuttles and land on a planet on the outer rim. You play recconaisance and find out what happened to the rest of the crew and find out the planet is true sith. You get enlisted in the temple there. 2 weeks later you are a padawan in the true sith temple and are learning what they offer. You here mysterious rumours of Revan. Do what you want...
  11. My ideas for the game are simply thus, you play a new character but you start of as a kid in Civil war (ala Revan vs Malak) in coruscant you do your first trials (complete with training saber), you see how the civil war affected the galaxy, you reincounter the game 2 years later with the exiles time and you flee as there is no one to train you. So in fleeing for the first part of the game you try and descover what had happened and you discover where the exile and revan went and go off after them....
  12. Sometimes random killing gets you infulence with Mandalore if i can remember because somewhere on nar shadaa in the flophouse i gained influence with him...
  13. What I wouldof done is bought the web adress and then when lucas arts wanted me to sell it to them I would sell it in exchange for a bit of money, some information, the title name free copy of the game etc.
  14. Well from the mandolorian wars to the battle of endor id say: Jedi: Yoda Sith: Palpatine But however i rekon we should extend thearguement to all time which I would say. Jedi: Master Thon or Nomi Sunrider Sith: Markos Ragnos I dont know what the heck Revan is and even after racking my brains I cant think of a decent jedi/sith in the big gap between jedi civil wars and the clone wars and after.
  15. When you find news that there is a fuel problem you get the quest. Then travel to Nar Shadaa and talk to Vogga the hut about the fuel problem. He will tell you that he will deliver the fuel but he has a problem with Goto and you need to elimiminate GOTO when you destroy GOTO's ship talk again to Vogga and he will tell you that he will start shipping now. The quest is complete.
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