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  1. Well after seeing that video i can say that i wont get this game though already I was having serious doubts. The animation for walking looks hideous and the wave emote looks quite honestly retarded. Besides that there was no challenge at all i love how they said you had to use team work on that last fight but tbh the sith could have taken on that jedi knight with out a problem. And yes the voice acting and dialogue was terrible reminds me of the kids centered clone wars series which i absolutely despise. I was hoping that this would honestly be great but bioware has ruined that hope but I guess it can complain for making it so casual/kid friendly as it seems that all mmorpgs are going that way now (example the new wow expansion).
  2. I agree that it would be awesome if a mmorpg could do that but a story just isnt going to happen unless it the mmo part is just on the side. The problem is in order to make a good story you have to evelope the player in it. Thing is their are going to be thousand upon thousands in not hundreds of thousand of characters, and you cant have everyone play the same part and the developers dont have enough time and probbaly wouldnt if they worked their rest of their lives in order to create a unique story for each person. While it would be nice that expectation is way to high and if you are looking for a mmorpg that has that and it needs that in order for you to like it then dont ever except to find a mmorpg that you like.
  3. Actualy it doesnt matter how old your acount is you can create a jedi from the start.
  4. well seeing as you only hae a radeon 9700 pro you need to turn down you settings you have 6 anti aliasing that will make any cards fps drop and since yours isnt that good it will make you lag alot so you need to turn that off, you also might want to turn off soft shadows as well.
  5. Tommycat he is trying to help some one out so that jeff does not spend 15-30 bucks on swg and finds out he hates it. The first post might have seen as bashing but that was not his intent.
  6. That is absolutly not true well atleast not any more but that isnt something you need to worry about so have fun playing your jedi and dont worry about dieing you have basicly infinite lives just like everyone else.
  7. I always thought that malak was operating the turrent and of course their was left over crew to help chase you down.
  8. During my recent start up of kotor to try out all the new mods out i noticed some frame rate sudden drops they never go below 30 fps but everytime it happen it makes the game skip a bit (this happens about every few second or so depending on how much i change the camera veiw or move my character). This never happened to me before and their isnt much i can do about it have tried to lower my fps to around 30 fps (by puting on as many settings as i can along with putting Vsync on) to stop the drop in frame rate but i cant do that. I have also tryied to keep my settiongs on low but that has not worked either the drop keeps happening. My specs are Opteron 165 Dualcore 2.165 ghz (its overclocked by me) ( i have knoticed that my cpu is very high but this never seemed to happen to me before even with a worse cpu and gfx card) Nvdia BFG 7950oc 256mb Pc 3200 DDR 1 1024 mb of Ultra ram (One stick) 80 gb hard drive (dont kow the manufunturer)(It is mosly empty)
  9. This is old but i guess I will reply to it since it has been kept bumped up. I personally dont think that swg will die until something comes out to replace it like the kotor mmorpg that their is rumors about. I would like to think that one of the emulator projects would be hte final blow for swg but it most likely wont as the remaining people on the server seem to like the new swg and are their to stay. Well that is my .2 cents.
  10. I think everyone should have the ability to go jedi infact it should be much in same way in tsl as you got your prestige class of course this time you would become a jedi or a sith. Basicly this is how it would "roll" You start off as a scout, scoundril, or a soldier Thorugh doing different stuff you get experience and evetualy level up at level lets say 15 you get choice this choice would allow you to pick a few different options become a jedi or sith, or continue your path in a newly created set of advanced classes that enhance the basic qualities of the three starter proffesions. Of course you would have to do quite abit of questing to earn the right to be any of these classes. Next at level 30 you would be given a new option this would allow you to become either a advanced jedi class or a elite new created class that reflects even more of the basic three starting classes. Of course like the other choice you would have to do extensive questing to become these. These of course would be balanced and if a person did not want to be a jedi they did not have too also i think that when at the first choice apon choosing to be a jedi or sith after completing the neccessary quests would be weaker at the start then say the advanced classes of the three basic classes. This is think would deter some away as they would be forced to stay out pvp unless they want to die until the leveled some more.
  11. Which is why kreia would win because jolee while he may be more then a match for her light saber skills i doubt he would have survived the three floating lightsaber attack.
  12. They still need LA's premission so unless they get that EA can't make bioware make KOTOR 3 because it would be illegal.
  13. Hmm seems like SOE is screwing hte game up more i mean seriously limiting how much xp you get for layers and the money you get its already hard to level up in the currect system they have going they just want to make it harder? And the limiting the money? they could have been fixed with the reimplimation of decay.
  14. Which is the main problem in Kotor and Kotor 2 if the plot wasnt around finding 4 four of one thing it could be expanded, but of course that is a whole other topic to it's self. I wouldnt mind playing a 80+ long hour game but replayibility might be a problem. Although as long as the first major area was more exciting then the other two games (i got realy realy bored going through peragus nad taris). It would also need to have alot of variation in plot depending on what actions you made as doing the same plot but each choice just having little effects on the entire plot get quite boring.
  15. You wont SoE wants to scrap all the cash out of you that they can so either start over or stick with the server you are on.
  16. I cant belive this hasent been said in this thread before. Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic III: All your base are belong to us. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": DDR 3 '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''': Booogey!!!!!!!! """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic III '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''': EveryBody dance now! """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": Rock this party """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": Cant Touch this """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": Kotor online """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": I kill bunnies!!!!!! """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": The ending that wish you never saw """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""": Kotor Online Dating alright im done for now.
  17. Yes it is The jedi veiw the sith as evil and The sith veiw the jedi as evil. From anikin "In my point of veiw the jedi are evil" (this may not be exsact) its all a point of veiw.
  18. I was wondering if any one had flashblades Subtle Darkside Transitions mod? If anyone does can you pm me a link to it? thanks.
  19. Tsl because he did say the corusuant mod which their is only one released and it is for tsl.
  20. I would like a mod that would add the berun modrul head to the selection male head selection screen. Also if possible i would like him to have subtle dark side transions stuff like anikin dark side eyes but not to the extreme of the original heads so put simpley i dont want him to look like a zombie in his dark side transions. thanks darthcarth
  21. I dont see the need for a new enemy the true sith if made right will make a excelent enemy. The idea of not including the true sith as the main enemy or a major piece of the plot would be almost as bad as puting kotor 3 2000 years from the end of kotor 2.
  22. Correction he should appear after you ae found the 3rd star map but from my experience i have also had him fight before the 4th as well (while i am on the planet where the fourth is located). Also in my lastest play through i also found darth bandon non responsive to me which was a real disapointment as i had the WotoR mod on and did not get to colect his saber.
  23. Sure Bastila might be the level of jedi master but in the game you have the chance to kill three of them and also three sith lords tbh i think the exile would wipe the floor with bastila. I personaly dont think bastila would have gotten past Sion if she did in deed save the masters, if she didnt then she would have most likely fallen to one of the masters which ever she fought first. edit: darn graymusic beat me too it.
  24. I in no way meant for that post to sound harsh in any way i was just telling you that most people would not like that type of game.
  25. Read the entire thread many people do not want to. Also what you are proposing to do with the level up systems would change entire game system nad many people wouldnt like that either.
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