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  1. Or do the BF2142 method where the default infantry carries a few medpacs when upgraded and the anti-tank troop can actually fix vehicles!
  2. I don't like the idea that the only counter to a unit is the sniper. Reminds me of an RTS somewhat. I rather like the limited fuel because it gets me thinking about where I'm supposed to be going and how to get there. Unlike the dark trooper. There's a class of fail when I see one.
  3. Corrected. The thing is, that SWBF is a SHOOTER GAME! That's right. Guns. Shooting. Jawas. You play as a no-name grunt, fighting no name grunts in the Star Wars Universe. Do you know how many games exist that have you playing as a Jedi and pwning? Almost all. Why can't the other aspects of the universe be depicted in a reasonably interesting way. Hell, Republic Commando was so popular that it got a book trilogy. Other games show Jedi in a far more interesting light rather than "hold down the attack button and kill people by walking into them". Force Unleashed and KOTOR are particularly spectacular examples, and in BF2 especially they stand out and dominate far too easily, to the point that it feels more like I'm waiting to take my turn as Darth Maul, rather than concentrating or caring about learning to play properly. As for non-jedi heros, they're amusing, but they're not interesting enough to really make a difference compared to getting the elite weapons(and I'm discounting General Asthma in this argument) and they're more fanservice than anything IMHO. What I really want to see is the K.I.S.S principle taken to a logical conclusion: make a game indepth not by adding complication, but by making the individual classes all the more satisfying to play as.
  4. The developers did Universe at war after doing Forces of Corruption, although I doubt they'll do an EAW2 for a while as they're going for an MMO, might be another developer perhaps?
  5. Customisation is better for FFA games, it could make it hard to tell classes apart if they were too varied, and this is crucial in a class based game since you need to know who exactly you are facing and who has your back.
  6. Haven't got much more to add than to agree with M@rs' statement! Apart from the usual "down with EA rhetoric" as a hardcore Command And Conquer fan. Anyway, I'm sure that LA know what they're doing, I just hope that they can produce a product that doesn't disappoint, that's really what it's all about.
  7. Well it's not theoretically impossible, they have the power and more importantly, the BRAND to do whatever they want. Super Bombard Racing anyone?
  8. I rather like the CGI series. Even if it sounded like HK47 voiced Grievous in the cartoon. Anyway, that rotary cannon is well better than the BF2 bazooka-cannon-thing...what the hell was that about?
  9. Lord J, I accept that argument, but as always, don't like it. I'm just frustrated that LA are so content to depend on the Star Wars name instead of really doing anything that would boot original IPs into the trash can. While obviously they can churn out products to the casual market, they don't get continued sales over extended periods because they just don't have the lengthy appeal of more well established games. Sort of like the EA strategy, but worse since LA don't have the money to just spam games so easily.
  10. *Pistol whips LordJhredmo* Hey! I didn't use my fists, did I?
  11. I don't like the space levels TBH, they just don't merge with the gameplay very well at all. If the capital ships were HUGE bases where you could have battles inside and had destructible targets (and were easier to kill from the inside) then I could see it being fun preventing shuttles carrier invaders from docking before they become a spawn point and disable stuff, but in BF2 it's a token gesture at best. Also I really want the game to be balanced as far as vehicles, not so much nerfing, but I loved scenes like BF1 Rhen Var where one side had one powerful walker and several support units vs an armoured base and few support units. Infantry maps like Naboo fields where you just "die" from being in the open too long are just not fun!
  12. It's a point that still needs to be forced (pardon the pun!)
  13. Oh yes, female rebel sniper! *licks lips* haven't played SWBF2 in so long, I'd forgotten about that "epic" mode! Now make that the default and now we have something that impresses. Especially when most modern games think having 3 enemies in the same room is "HOLY SMOKE AMAZING!"
  14. Sounds more like an idea for an RTS. I think you should tell Petroglyph games to make EAW2 like that! TF2 was very, very violent and not that cartoony, just an art direction, but I wouldn't want my children to see soldiers getting bonesawed or blown up! As for technology, how many polys are the modern fps games using?!?! Seriously, if they weren't so obsessed with making the butts of the female chars so smooth you could have thousands of characters on screen easy, as early PS2/XboX games demonstrated. Cell shaded games are generally low poly anyway so with modern tech it'd be a breeze.
  15. COBRA sales? Sounds like GI Joe's worst enemy! You know what I want? BF3 to kick Killzone's arse. Could you imagine a dark shooter that has a style like that? I'd have a heart attack seeing an SBD with that kind of hardware. And no Jedi plzthx.
  16. Because right now more people are playing BFront1/2 than Halo am I right? If they want to impress me, nix the Jedi and the fluff and excess from the previous games and make Battlefront III a DECENT SHOOTER that is enhanced by the Star Wars universe, rather than making it a Jedi-battlefront with token soldiers. It's why I prefer the first game. At least I know I get pwned because I fail, rather than because someone spawned as a Jedi. There are games that do lightsabres and the force better, why not revert Battlefront into what it's about: Being a lone grunt in a huge army fighting the behind-the-scenes-battles of Star Wars?
  17. Ain't a fan of it TBH, BF1 had the K.I.S.S principle. Fighting in 3 dimensions would just overcomplicate matters!
  18. I live. I've been spending time on Petroglyph forums (the guys who made EAW) and so-forth, but heck, we NEED a BF3 that's good!
  19. Now here's a board I haven't been to for a while... I don't really like any unit with shotgun-style weapon. Mainly because shotguns are just...awful!
  20. And that's a problem how? If they're refined you can begine to muck with variety IN THE DETAILS. The biggest problem with the previous BFs is that as Star Wars games they're alright, but as shooters they're rather *blargh.* I'd rather gameplay was a lot more like Republic Commando's taken to an extreme. Oh yeah, hello, not a newbie!
  21. Anyone ever play Full Spectrum Warrior? Now that is a good squad game, as you could order units to take cover ANYWHERE and they'd work out what to do themselves, rather than it being so scripted. Also had a lot of cover and the use of tactical advantages of cover and flanking tactics.
  22. Actually seems better than the Original BF2 if it's designed right.
  23. Soldier+elite rifle = best unit ever! Now add that to an SBD and it's gg Republic!
  24. I play, but do not own it. (He he he..) Your list is stupid and far too long. BF2 on PS2 has the crappiest graphics that make Timesplitters look awesome. Erm, and to answer your question: All bar heros and rocket troops.
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