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  1. Yeh the revan bastilla thing was a joke. I hope. Any ways, it makes perfect sense, because we cant see the other characters face, cuz its covered with a veil, nor can we see the sith persons face, because there is a mask, and . So it makes perfect sense. I would put money to this theory. Im thinking you only encounter one of these main characters, depending whcih side you play the game. I am almost postive on this. Rex
  2. Flashback. You know how star wars likes to mess with time. Rex
  3. Yes i remember seeing that pic too, and i remember someone saying the pic was more of a metaphorical situation. I took that picture as dark vs light, which side will you take, that kind of thing. Rex
  4. Hi guys im new here! But ive been looking on these boards for a while. And i just couldnt help but saying this. If u notice, who knows i could be the only one who sees this, but the two cover characters, (the really pretty woman wth white hair and a blue saber, and the person in the mask with huge eye holes) they have to be the same person! Ive thought about it for a while, and everything i hear makes me think this more. SPOLIER don't forget to use spoiler tags! If you don't know how, read the rules in my sig, there is a link to the instructions Remember the character post, that listed all possible characters in TSL? (its a very recent post). That person had a theory about the handmaiden character and the other person (cant think names, woman with blaster, and red clothes with a veil). In my opinion, whichever way of the force you choose to play the story, or whichever way u answer the qestions at the beginning i think will determine which of these characters you see in your game. Just consider it for a seconf. IF you look at the screen saver on the site, the eye holes on the mask fade almost perfectly into the eyes of that queen person. And on the desktop download, the player character (one dark, one light) are next to each other, as are the two MAIN characters (queen, and sith person). Just think about all ive said, and truly consider it. Why isnt this possible? If you bash this theory, atleast think about all this first, and have reasons for bashing! Sorry for the long winded explanation, but not much easier to say it! Thanks for reading! Rex
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