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  1. After over ten years of random chitchat which each other, I just wondered who you really are?
  2. Freezing and ScummVM crashing? I would attach a gdb to see where it crashes, but I don't know if you're able to do that, sorry.


    I have no clue at all about Mac OS X either; I'm a GNU/Linux zealot. :p


    In general, ScummVM doesn't do fullscreen itself. It uses a library called SDL for graphics output, i.e. anything having to do with putting the graphics it prepared onto your physical screen. So ScummVM just says "SDL, fullscreen this for me", and SDL manages everything.


    In either case, you'd probably want to file a bug report. See this page for (some) details: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/User_Manual/Reporting_bugs . Also check if the problem is also in latest daily build ( http://buildbot.scummvm.org/builds.html ), though I don't think we changed anything regarding SDL lately; I'm assuming you already run the latest stable version.

  3. Hey man, wondered if i could delve into you ineffable wisdom please. I'm trying to fullscreen mode scummvm for mac osx v.10.8.4 but it freezes and scummvm crashes. I've read the help thread on the scumm boards but i haven't got a bloody clue what your all on about. Would you be able to please explain what i need to do in simple terms - big colourful pictures, four letter words etc? Much appreciated, cheers.

  4. If you fancy abit of old skool action google Emuparadise. The Dig is an old Lucasarts game i've just finished, what a soundtrack! You can get the album from mixnmojo free.
  5. Just replaying Broken Sword 3, and apparently their making the series into films which is bloody good news. Decided to go on my own Grail quest round Europe (+Turkey) when i've done my research. Looks like my family may be linked to the Templars Wondered what other point n clicks youse guys played? Just finished Ceville which is good, made by the Germans now in charge of Simon the Sorcerer, but theres no heart in it, just seems abit, dunno, uninspiring. Wouldnt mind gettin hold of a copy of Touche. Just bought "The Whispered World", watch the trailer. I had to go have a cold shower afterwards, i'm that excited. Stunning hand painted backgrounds, japanese/Brian Froud style characters, the kind of FMV's that look like those kids cartoon films they used to play at christmas in the 70/s/80's. I'm having hot flushes. I've decided that i owe alot to adventure point n click games, given me alot of initiative and drive to travel, so i'm back playing them.
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