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  1. Any news on animating, etc?
  2. Very nice, the only thing I see wrong is there isn't much depth to the front tires in the skinning. Might want to work on that, otherwise its awesome!
  3. http://www.enigma-clan.net/index.html Go to the forums, register, read the rules in the recruiting section, post a request to join in the recruiting section, be active on XFire on the server, and forums. We will get back to you if you do so, and you'll become a member shortly.
  4. Sith Dagger


    2 things, first go post in the request forum, not the showcase forum. second, most people won't do requests, even if you ask really nicely, usually its better to learn how yo do it yourself.
  5. That is ok, as I said I will see if I can get him to do it, if not there might be some coders down at filefront forums.
  6. He already said he would not do it... He said he was done editing Jedi Academy... I'll see if I can find another coder to do it *Sigh* But the problem is I only know 1.
  7. I have tried, that is why I came here, it does not work.
  8. I was thinking mmore along the lines of making it a VH_Walker, with the player animations used on a speeder, but if the other way could work as well, I would like it. The thing is, I dont think the vh_speeder class allowes things to be directly on the ground, which I need, I cant have a hovering wheelbike, that would be just plain weird.
  9. So has he seen it yet? I tryed searching for his name "Phunk" but it cam up with nobody.
  10. It will do both, I just put the glm together to make sure everything works. It needs the VH_WALKER class, cause then it can do "running" and "walking" animations, much like the droideka, where it can roll, or walk. So do you have any suggestions then?
  11. Well I am a vehicle maker, and I have used OJP scripts foe experiments before. I know you can cloak vehicles, while running the ojp mod But can you make it so a rider on a vh_walker class of vehicle runs animations, like those on a swoop? Cause I used a vehicle I made, and I wanted it a vh_walker, with the player visible, and the animations would not run, so the player model was skewed through the model, standing upright through the seet :/ I was wondering if ojp could fix this? Cause I'm working on Grievous' Wheelbike, and it would stink if there was no player model displated on it
  12. No, all I did was rig it, and GaaraOfTheSands asked me to do it, I dont even know where he got the model, take it up with him.
  13. Well you guys are taking to long It seems that other people are taking things into there own hands http://Yoink.
  14. A server of my own, one where I can set up any game, with any mods, that I want.
  15. 0_0 Nice, cant wait for this to be released.
  16. Sith Dagger

    Yoda VM

    I really hate to do this, but Neomarz will you ever reply to my PM I sent you? Looking good by the way.
  17. =JSU stands for Jedi Sith United, we are pretty good clan. At the moment our server's IP address is Our Website is http://www.freewebs.com/jsuclan We welcome pretty much anybody. Our rules, ranks, and forums are posted on our site.
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    Now that the model is actually built. Is there anyone who would like to process it through 3DS Max for me? It needs everything except for Making the model, so it needs things like weighing, animating, etc. Would anyone like to do this for me please? I'll give you the credit in the Readme.
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    New, Unskinned, Screenshot. (Sorry Cow you werent on when I was done.) http://photobucket.com/albums/y165/SithDagger/B-2/?action=view&current=B-2-3.gif Or if that doesn't work use this link. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y165/SithDagger/B-2/B-2-3.gif
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    Sure sounds good to me. I don't mind working with someone else. It actually might be good for me. You have MSN or Yahoo Messenger?
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