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  1. Can someone make a Robe mod for TSL to give the sith Master robes from the temple battle those robes are pretty cool, also if anyone knows the model name so I can pick it from the KSE editor that would be great too please drop me a mail thanks =)
  2. You know Red hawke I kinda would be nice to have to hunt for SOME Items
  3. Sounds like a real problem may have to just mod and use a spawn code IF cheating is even going to be allowed in the PC version
  4. See what mods people can make ?? O.o hmmm yes.... indeed see what enhancements the REAL makers of TSL can make (and by that I mean the Great modders that enhanced Kotor 1 So very well and that made that game better on many levels such as added forceys and other things I must that My fav of kotor was the Reven the white mod love them white reven robes and sabers) (thanks to Holowan Labs, Redhawke and sooo many other modders here TSL is made)
  5. Where do I find all 3 robes both light and dark Padawan knight and master?
  6. You know how in some of the wall papers it shows that girl fighting the sith Who is she and who is that she is fighting and can she be recruited in to the players group?
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