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  1. I disengaged my hyperdrive and space pieced itself around me. With a few quick glances over my shoulder and a chirpy whistle from my astromech droid I was soon reassured I was safe, for now. A short thud vibrated through the cockpit and the gentle hum of sublight engines died out. Gandon had already stepped out onto the hangar floor and was being greeted by a ship guard. With a quick leap onto the deck I composed myself and joined Gandon's side. The guard ushered us out of the hangar, marching boldly in the lead. As soon as my starfighter left my sights I grasped my sabre in a seemingly 'kneejerk' reaction. The republic turned on us, what was stopping Organa? "Calm yourself brother," Gandon reassured quietly from within his hood. Within a few deep breaths my hands were soon cradling one another in front of me. There was a strange disturbance in the force. Whether it was the countless Jedi still being culled on Coruscant and the Outer Rim or something much more devious. Only time would tell.
  2. "Mikahal, yes I'm about 50 miles southwest of your position. I'll wait for you." Gandon's voice came loud and clear over the commlink. "Copy that master, I have you on my Nav now," I stated and kicked the thrusters up to 80%. "I'll be with you in a second." Gandon's fighter came quickly into view of the naked eye and I decelerated to his speed, lining up parallel to him. With a quick 'all clear' wave we locked in the co-ordinates to Organa's cruiser and made the jump to hyperspace. I settled myself in for the journey and spoke slowly into the commlink. "Forgive me master, but I couldn't sit on that planet in wait of word. I need to see all of this first hand to make sense of it."
  3. OOC: Sorry I had the impression several others were going. Post edited! I returned to camp to find Gandon absent. A knight soon informed me that he had gone in search of Master Yoda, and no sooner had I heard the news I was gearing up a starfighter for the journey. I sent forward a short informational message to Gandon, and bid my farewells. "Take care Njan," I spoke quietly as I fitted my flight helmet on. "And may the force be with you, with you all.." The astromech droid fired up the sublight thrusters and prepared for take-off. I gave a short wave and focused on the upcoming cloud cover, bursting through it and into Ord Mantell's orbit. "Master, are you there?" I blindly asked through the commlink.
  4. A short boom vibrated through the air as a starfighter took off of Ord Mantell's surface. "What the-?" Njan spoke silently in confusion. "Where do you think it is going?" "Give aid to the others perhaps," I answered, not quite knowing the answer. We had reached the summit of a ridge about two hundred metres from the camp. In the distance a crimson sea sparkled in the failing light. On it's shoreline a small community was situated. "They will start to become suspicious of the air traffic," Njan stated. "Indeed," I replied sounding not very interested. "You know this planet was a Republic military outpost, now it is just home to countless bounty hunters and criminals." "Yes, I did actually.." Njan replied, seemingly offended. "Come, let us return to camp and find out what is actually going on."
  5. (^^^Nice profile!!) I looked around in awe. I hadn't seen this many knights and masters in the same place since Genosis. Gandon strode off to where the masters were meeting, deciding what to do next. I spotted Njan Smite, a knight I trained and fought at Genosis with, over by one of the shuttles. "Greetings young knight," I said sarcastically from behind. He turned in dispute before recognising me. "Good to see you again brother," he said quitely. "I hear you put up quite a fight on Coruscant?" "If you say so. You get out ok?" I asked. He nodded slightly, it was clear he was still confused as to what was happening. "Come," I gestured and began walking towards a ridge. "Someone has to scout the area!" I recovered my hood and strode off, not waiting for Njan to oblige.
  6. "Indeed, master," I was still baffled by the story. Master Windu and three other masters overwhelmed by the Chancellor and Skywalker? Impossible. I pondered this story for the next few hours, watching the gentle glow of hyperspace pass by. "Prepare to initiate sublight thrusters," Klagen announced. "Yes master," I quickly replied and carried out his orders. I called over Gi'in Gandaer, one of the other knights, to take over my post. He obliged and I proceeded down towards the aft where Gandon was meditating. He drew back his hood. "Master, we have reached the orbit of Ord Mantell," I informed him. "We will be landing on the surface soon." Gandon nodded slightly and replaced his hood, mumbling something I couldn't understand. A few other cruiser's came into view, the other survivors, along with half a dozen jedi starfighters. We all formed a small fleet and proceeded down towards the atmosphere. The planet's surface became more visible. It was a dark planet, it's seas reflecting the crimson glow of the orbiting moons. "We will make camp in a mountain range just north of a small community," Klagen stated across the intercomm. "There we will decide what to do next. Agreed?" "Affirmative." "Affirmative." "Affirmative." They all answered in turn as we began the descent onto the surface.
  7. I braced for impact from the oncoming proton torpedos but the impact never came. I opened my eyes and saw the crippled wreckage of the ARC-170s spiralling towards Coruscant's surface. Thankyou brothers, I said to myself and proceeded to the younglings to calm them. "Co-ordinates set for Ord Mantell," Klagen informed me. "We should arrive in a few hours." "Thankyou," I replied and made my way up to the cockpit. "Care to join me Master Nark?"
  8. As our light cruiser sped up and out of the atmosphere, the gaining ARC-170 squadron continued their assault. "Get us into hyperspace!" yelled Klagen Vest from the co-pilots seat. "I need to check the co-ordinates!" one of the knights replied. "Does this thing have weaponry?" "Master, let's go," i said calmly to Gandon. "We can man the aft defences." Gandon and I leap down towards the rear of the ship, manning a turrent each to keep the starfighters at bay.
  9. I took my last few glances at our home and regretfully strided out onto the landing platform and into the ship. It was a small cruiser just large enough to accommodate us all. The younglings settled in for the trip while Gandon and I joined the other jedi in the cockpit for a briefing. Two other knights and a master had made it into the ship with us. Gandon and I introduced ourselves and shared our story of how we came to be here. "So who's going to fly this thing?" I queried. We all looked at each other for a second. "Well we all know how to fly, it's just the question of who's willing to," added the other master, known as Klagen Vest. "So we take it in turns, shifts more like it," suggested one of the knights. "Done," I added. "I'll need to settle the younglings first but I could join one of you on the second shift." "We may have bigger problems.." Klagen added. A squadron of ARC-170s had begun pursuing the cruiser. With no attempt to contact us and order us to land they begun firing their blasters at us. "Hang on!" I shouted. (We can start a new thread if you want to, it would give a chance to have a fresh start)
  10. (Glad to see your suppport for it! It may not be as it seems..) Once again Gandon, the younglings and myself were standing in the elevator, forever waiting for it to reach its destination. Cries for help over the commlink began to slow and thin out as the clones took control of the temple complex. Skywalker was now somewhere close, probably heading towards the hangar. "It is too risky to let the others wait at the hangar any longer, I suggest we signal them to go and rendevous at a later date," I said to Gandon. He paused for a second..
  11. (Glad to see your suppport for it! It may not be as it seems..) Once again Gandon, the younglings and myself were standing in the elevator, forever waiting for it to reach its destination. Cries for help over the commlink began to slow and thin out as the clones took control of the temple complex. Skywalker was now somewhere close, probably heading towards the hangar. "It is too risky to let the others wait at the hangar any longer, I suggest we signal them to go and rendevous at a later date," I said to Gandon. He paused for a second..
  12. With a leap I clashed with Skywalker, his power much greater than my own. In turn he blocked and attack both Gandon and I. A swift force push threw me to the ground and I slid across the floor. The younglings stood awkardly in the open elevator, not quite sure what to do. I activated the controls and closed the door. "Master, we cannot delay, we must leave!" I cried out to Gandon delivering another flurry of strike to Anakin's seemingly perfect defence. "If we delay the others for any longer they will be crushed in the hangar!" Anakin stopped. My tongue had slipped. "The hangar eh?" Anakin taunted and reached for his commlink. Gandon swiftly grabbed it and stuck it down with his sabre. "So be it," Anakin said quietly and advanced towards the spare elevator. "Quickly Master, we must make haste!" I said with urgency and entered the elevator with the younglings.
  13. It is during the mid Clone Wars. The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) has now become prominant in the resource-rich Outer Rim. To strike down the uprising and bring order to the galaxy the Republic must gain a foothold in the Outer Rim territories. The first target is mining world or Lioa. Precious metals and crystals used used mainly by tradesmen and jedi across the galaxy can be found here. The sky is dark, covered by thick layers of cloud and the landscape resembles a grey desert covered by thin trees. Several mining camps and factories are scattered across the world and are run by the dominant native species who will be referred to as Lioans. They are rat-like creatures about 4' high. English is spoken by the Lioans because of the constant trade between them. An advanced recon commando group has been selected and sent out to gain information on Lioa, it's inhabitants and whether an outpost/spaceport would be viable for the Republic's fight against the CIS. Clone Name/Code: Age: Class: Weaponry: Attributes: Weaknesses: Clone Name/Code: CHI 984 "Mik" Age: 24 human years Class: Trooper/Commando Weaponry: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Utility Belt Attributes: Leadership, Camouflage, Marksmanship Weaknesses: Mechanics, Piloting I gathered in the hangar next to the shuttle. None of the others had arrived yet. I awaited patiently and polished my rifles.
  14. "Yes master," I replied and entered the elevator. It felt an eternity before the elevator reached the council chambers. I closed my eyes and clamed myself, unallowing loose rage to control my feelings, even if helpless younglings were possible being slaughtered in the chambers above. For a short seconded I glimpsed a small group of younglings hiding near the library, they rejoiced as a jedi came to their rescue and.. an uncontrollable anger blurred my vision. "NO!" I cried out and gave Master Nark a start. "We need to desperately save these younglings, Skywalker has just taken another group of them!" The elevator slowed and came to a halt, Gandon and I drew out our lightsabres. I launched myself forward into the council chamber lobby, the guards were still at their post. I gave them a short bow and stood beside Master Nark, awaiting his instruction.
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