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  1. Posted my join request, got bored of waiting for members.
  2. Apologies for double post but there have been developments: NEW CLAN ON THE BLOCK http://www.createforum.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=imperialfists Imerial Fists. Mainly playing as Clones and Empire. Will train specific sectors (Air, ground and vehicle training). Everyone starts as a trooper and there will be no special promoting untill all trooper ranks are full. Is now running on patch 2. Contact info: YIM: costy750@yahoo.co.uk MSNM: costy750@hotmail.com XFIRE: costy -Costy
  3. My clan also does JKA. Thats how i found out about the Masters Tornament aswell. Im happy with the JKA part of the clan but if you have a slot open for the BF part then i wouldnt mind joining. If you needed it, i could also do some administrative work (not on any server you happen to have bu as in clan administration) for the BF division.
  4. Well it seems my clan isnt doing very much in the way of BF atm (im the only person who can be bothered it seems) so keep a slot open Nokill. If i dont get a few recruits by Monday, im packing up and joining Red Cell
  5. hehe, nokill and I are in competition for recruits Speaking of which, I never got my application back for the Masters Tourney, Nokill. Is it still on or not? I need to re apply anyway, my clan name has changed...
  6. I always thought Consols were never meant for oinline play. My point will be proen by this (moddin is the only thing that kept JKA going)
  7. Well when you want, join DJ! This applys to all other members searching for a clan: post in the DJ thread or contact me!
  8. Lord_Costy

    Clan DJ

    Yes, another shameless advertisment but it has to be done..... Hello! DJ (Dark Justice) is a clan that has recently added a BF department but is still primarily a JKA clan (You may have heard of us as JKK) due to lack of recruits. Our site is still being adapted to accomodate BF and will have a front page very soon. At the moment, all recruitment must be done via emailing or IMing me so if you are interested, i can be reached at costy750@hotmail.com More info will be added as it arrives
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