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    I'm a student from England and thats all i'm telling for now lol.
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    In Revans arms
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    films, KOTOR, guitar, games, going out, driving
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    Jedi Knight

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  1. lol same here, I just have to use one. All though I have never played the game with just Blasters as I dont like them lol i prefere a sword and a twin blade really.
  2. Oh thats nice, congrads as well. I hope the day goes fine and you have an amazing time as well! Going anywhere nice for a honeymoon?
  3. Really good film, Daniel was a great Bond and I loved the ending as well, the starting was really good as well. Mads as Le Chieffie was really good, I did like the poker game bit as well.
  4. KOTOR - lots of times, i recently playes it. TSL - hmmmmmm 10 or more maybe.
  5. I'm English and I'm not really sure what I think about it all really, will have to think about what would happen.
  6. Well I missed myself lol, I joined here and well I haven't been online for ages, had a bad year, so its good to see this place still here and Hi if anyone remembers me.
  7. I would say Jade Empire, BioWere made it as well, so that helps and the fact that you can be good or bad, have different endings be male female and the style really.
  8. Do they like what?, I forgot to read them are they good? But I would love a book version as I read a lot. It would be good.
  9. Wow looked pretty cool and 'the way the world ends' line was cool.
  10. Jean comes back as Dark Phoenix not Phoenix.
  11. Wow the amount of TV spots are great i cant wait to see it, its going to be so cool.
  12. I liked the early 90's cartoon it was cool and it did well with the Phoenix story line i wish it was still on lol.
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