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  1. I would like to see more complex base structures as well, especially on the more epic, large scale battlefields. It would add a nice diversity to the battlefield. On one hand you would have the open field combat of the main battlefield, then you would have the tight corridors of the base you ultimatly will have to storm/infiltrate to acheive certain objectives. Of course they should have devices that have some sort of impact on the game (Like capital ships, this has been done to death already though...) Like perhaps some sort of radar room, which allows you too see enemy units within a certain radius of the base, or maybe a security center where you can take manual control of Auto-turrets situated around the base, or 'Lock Down' certain areas by sealing it's doors which would slow down enemy progress, forcing them to use drastic measures (Engineers anyone?) To blast through. It could also add a lot of prospective objectives to the game, like blowing up the sheild room or whatever. There's tons of ideas that could be implemented.
  2. I would hope for better, more realistic graphics/gameplay in general. Along with that, I would like to see battles with more sort of objectives or strategies, along with more immersive (not necisarily larger, although that would be nice) maps.
  3. Yes, If I felt it was a drastic enough improvement of the first two.
  4. You definetly want to keep your distance from shotgunners, the further away you are the less of his shots will actually damage you. If he's already very close I would try rolling, or moving around him so he can't get a good shot off. As for det packs, I don't think the explosive radius is as big as some people think. I've seen it blow up right next to people and do nothing, perhaps while it appeared that they were close enough to be damaged they really weren't. If it wasn't due to TK being off of course.
  5. I would like to see battles with some discernable objectives. Right now the objectives in BF2 are very basic, usually 'capture lot CP's' or 'shoot teh other guys' with strategies being, the CP's that spawn vehicles are more desireable. Now there is nothing wrong with these objectives, taking CP's and eliminating enemy soldiers are decent objectives. I'm just suggesting building upon these ideas too give the battles more depth. Perhaps give certain missions campaign esque objectives, such as eliminating certain NPC's or destroying some important computer somewhere. While these objectives arn't 'mandatory' like they are in the campaign, they do have an important effect on the game. Like sure, you don't HAVE to destroy there AA turret control counsol, but if you don't your reinforcements will have a constant drain as the hypothetical 'transports' get downed. Maybe they could even show the ships getting shot out of the sky's. Whatever. The idea is for there to be a bigger battle going on around all the CP captures and people slaying. Somthing tangible to work toward. Or maybe certain CP's could be more important then others. Sure all let you spawn and some give you vehicles, but maybe a certain few give you control over elements on the map. Maybe on certain missions some very important CP's (VICP's) would win you the game just by capturing them. Sure the smaller ones give you better map control and some vehicles, but only the enemy command center CP lets you win the game if you hold it for 20 seconds. It would give both sides somthing to work for, attackers are trying to capture this stupid post and defenders are just making sure it stays safe. Of course it would take like twice as long to capture, or maybe would require an officers presence to capture it. Or somthing annoying to make it more 'challenging'.
  6. Not necessarily. It would help make the Jet Trooper worth while for one thing, perhaps it would only work if it hit the vehicles weak point? It would still have the advantage, but would require you to use some skill too use it.
  7. I definetly see a difference in the two. In BF1 it seemed like the jet trooper had about as much health as the normal soldier (maybe a bit more) However in BF2 he seems to have only a bit more then the scout class, at least thats what I've observed.
  8. Maybe if they gave the EMP gun the ability to lock on, like the magna guards weapon. It would still be rather slow, but at least this way it would drift in the general direction of the target, and with splash damage might actually do somthing.
  9. Yes, Bothans are one of the few speacial classes that I actually use as well. The other two being the wookiee and Clone Commando, although not even these two so much. The jet trooper and Dark trooper can have their uses, but I find them to be a bit too frail for most battles. I can't use the droideka to save my life, however the magnaguard has a lot of damage potential, but usually doesn't live up to that potential. As for the imperial officer... well yeah I don't think I need to go there.
  10. I agree as well. Iv'e noticed the speacial classes arn't worth the effort 9 times out of ten, however there are moments where they shine. Really I think they spent so much effort making sure they weren't overpowered, that some of the classes really got toned down in the usefulness department.
  11. While it is fun to play jedi for a time, now I'm finding it more of an annoyance. I think the jedi class idea has potential in certain situations, perhaps making them a very elite class on certain levels. But like other speacial classes their numbers are limited, and they require a great deal of points to unlock. Or speacial levels or modes where a team of jedi is placed against one of the basic armies, and horribly outnumbered. Geonosis comes to mind, Jedi Temple as well. But for average conquest battles, I think jedi are fine the way they are. You can have 'em if you want. But it's just as possible to turn them off. Now if they had the option to make Jedi heroes NPCs (ala BF1) That might be nice. It goes without saying they'd have to be a bit brighter however.
  12. I like the idea for faction specific campaigns, but I'm not sure I want them to link up into one continuous campaign, like BF1. Instead I think each would get their own seperate path playing their side of the story each with a seperate set of goals and endings. Maybe some missions could sort of 'overlap'. For example, at the start of the rebel campaign some missions are the ones you played as imperials, only now your fighting from the rebel perspective with your own unique set of objectives. Such as holding off the empire for a certain period of time while an evacuation is prepared, or maybe hiding explosives around your soon to be abandoned base. Later the missions would be pure 'rebel only' missions, until their last fight. The space battle above Endor.
  13. Yeah, it sounds like an okay idea, but maybe a bit... I don't know, RPGish(?) For battlefront. I don't really see the point of entering/leaving halfway through a battle I guess. I've been in favor of maybe some level specific factons or units. They could add an interesting flavor to some maps. Maybe some could have a sort of level specific weapon/ability that gives them a bit of an edge over the otherwise more advanced enemy.
  14. Tantive's a good map too. I love sneaking about the corridors as a Bothan Spy, incinerating those pesky engineers before they can use their detpacks.
  15. Nah, probably 7 or so if you count all the breaks. Ragdoll physics could be cool, just so long as they don't go overboard. Just because we don't want cardboard dead guys, doesn't mean their bones should be made of rubber!
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