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  1. Yup, and I know you're gonna say it's most likely that they are causing the problem, but I think there should be another way to fix this instead of deleting some mods I have installed.
  2. I already did, but it keeps crashing at Davik's last dialogue lines
  3. I'm sorry, but I didn't reacted because I felt this would lead to an endless discussion with you not agreeing with me and vice versa. Still I found it a bit unfriendly to not answer so to make a long story short my thoughts on this are that we have been slowly 'poisoning' the world ourselves for the past age by our new methods of living and lifestyle, new technologies and such. People in China are interfering with nature and make it snow by satellites, more and more diseases come up, more major disasters of nature, .. Just to name some examples
  4. I'm currently loading my autosave wich loads me to the first phase of Davik's Estate when the cutscene drops in and Davik shows you the Ebon Hawk. Now just when Davik's speaking his last dialogue the game suddenly crashes, everytime.. Does anybody want to share something and try to help me out? Thanks
  5. You don't understand what I mean, I didn't say chemo treatment doesn't cure cancer, all I said was that chemo isn't healthy for any of us. You're absolutely right when you say that it cures and I have no problems with applying this method on people who have cancer but I do also know it isn't a method that's healthy for a human.
  6. I think we brought things like cancer on ourselves, and my oppinion on kemo is that it's not made for human health, sure it's one of the illest methods ever to be used on humans.
  7. Hardly call that Sidious overcoming Yoda, Yoda did fall and lost his saber, I can't describe that as pwnage over Yoda
  8. If you did take the time to read through the topics of those mods you would've noticed they are still in development, questions like this are better asked in the official Threads of the mods.
  9. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Satele_Shan If we see this, it's safe to say Revan and Bastila indeed had a child
  10. I'd like to participate for JA and BF 2 online sessions
  11. Very helpful guys, thanks I'll be sure to check them all out
  12. Wow, stop right there, this isn't realistic.
  13. I believe she did actually, look it up on wookieepedia
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