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  1. HeAdShOp MOD? is this still available anywhere?

  2. How about Corusant ONLY IF it is an actual city/planet rather than a 10 things to do Taris like in KI. I'd like to see bounty hunter missions, bounty hunters for hire as followers (some very powerful but expensive). How about custom return here to get paid from different organizations like the Exchange, Cerka, etc. for doing custom quests? A rogue Jedi here or there to either contend with or based on your alliance purchase their loyality as followers. Custom shops with a wide variety of items. How about a senate house you can visit to listen to debates on your events in the galaxy. Assignment of day/night settings to vary player effects/powers/combat etc based on their stats. (It's NEVER night in Star Wars Land) An actual house or home base other than the Ebon Hawk for storage and the like. Ability to leave followers for as long as you like "at home" without any ramifications. I agree Alderaan should be a given as it's a CORE planet as core as you get with the galaxy revolving around the people it produces or the planet itself. Sleheyron is another Tattoonie knockoff that they won't do just because of that; global appeal. Private worlds like Rhelg would appeal to a few but general SW fans would be like "where the heck is that?" I think if the plot keeps with what it "hints" at, it will be a Sith Empire from outside the known rim where the Sith Lords escaped too when the original Sith planet was overthrown or the like. I really think they should rehash ALL of the worlds encountered in KOTOR 1 & 2 plus add at least 6 more for the new core content of the game. Unique ones like Jediphile and others mentioned like Alderaan and the like. Stretch off to custom oddball planets with vague references or the like and your in trouble. Thats why in the end they'll only go for core worlds that are very well known like Mon Calimari that are fundamental to the SW universe. Or thats my 2 cents anywho.
  3. I agree darth oakley. I'd like to see Juhani return as a Jedi Master with an apprentice puppet like Bao has. General Kenobi
  4. What browser are you using? I am using Firefox and it worked. That's odd. Any problems downloading other stuff? General Kenobi
  5. The link works ok. You probably have google toolbar or another pop-up blocker on. Try first holding down the CTRL key then clicking on it to download the file. Mine just downloaded fine. General Kenobi
  6. Sweet Fred. NICE I love the fact that you can see the custom items like Darth333's armband in red and like the pop up tips as well. Rock on man, General Kenobi
  7. @Fred...Great work Fred. Seems everytime I get free enough to post & check in you've made leaps and bounds on our favorite KOTOR & TSL tool! Looking forward to downloading my copy. @Pavlos...Hemmm, can you download other files from other sites or how about the maps or other things on Fred's site? There are also a few "spyware" types out there that do either the "redirect" thang or the "do nothing when he clicks me" thang. I'd run Ad-Aware & Spybot Search & Destroy. Hopefully one of those will find a culprit you can eliminate. EDIT: Pavlos, sounds like you might need to "reinstall" Internet Explorer. That would most likely fix your problem. If your not using the beta I'd try that or using another browser. Rock on Fred! General Kenobi
  8. Hi Pavlos, You can disregard ANY 3rd party downloader program (even if you can't find it) by simply holding down the CTRL key then clicking on the "download" button as it were. Hope that helps a bit, General Kenobi
  9. Hummmmp. The kids I see in our school system are ALL OVER each other...lol It's like working in a "soft porn" movie when you go to our high school. I just wished I could have done the stuff they do when I was going there as a student General Kenobi
  10. Well I'm not having a school party persay BUT we are having a Board of Education office party and heck that's as close as you get to students partying...lol I'm bringing the punch this year. Hemmmm....maybe it's time to spike the punch will 180 proof KY Shine....Hemmmmm. General Kenobi
  11. Have no clue as to where your avatar came from BUT "I agree totally :D " The lady in your avatar is quite beautiful. I'd rather look at that any day. General Kenobi
  12. I tried out the beta via my companies subscription to tech.net from MS and I wasn't impressed. I'm not sure if it will be standard or not but ours (due to size) was on DVD so anyone without a DVD player is out right off for the install. It reminded me of a slightly tweaked looking XP and I didn't care for it. I must admit I only tried it out for an 8 hour day but from what I see I'll leave my copy of it right where it is on the shelf for a couple years after it comes out. The general requirements for the OS from what I can tell are a bit too high for most pc owners anywho. Most pc's I work on for people only have what they ship with RAM wise as well as video card. Just My 2 Bits, General Kenobi
  13. Who Us??? ...lol Bad Modders I"m loving all of the new features of the KT Fred. Also if you haven't please check your PM's and let me know. Whatever you want to do in that line we'll give it a go. I noticed in the previous update since I've used/downloaded the latest version some kewl addon features and the like. Sweet
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