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  1. Good work so far. Congratulations. I look forward for the final website.
  2. I found the part of the game, where Boston says this line: When Brink dissapears the first time (on the museum island), visit Maggie in the library and talk to her. When you talk about Brink, he will say this line.
  3. There is a ramp right in front the tunnel where you see to the five cristals. Follow this ramp and you come to a "reactor". Look down and you see 3 crystals and a magnifiing glass on the ground. go up and you see a controll panel right before where you looked down. press the buttons in the following order: five times purple (left button) two times yellow (down) one time red (middle) one time purple (left) five times blue (up) one time red (middle) leave the console and you see another button on the left side of the console. Push this button and see... I hope this is helpfull for you.
  4. As we all know that at one point Boston ask Maggie "Have you seen this boy" I know it is a point of the game where Brink disappeared I have played the game lately and I tried it lots of time to find out. But I had no success. So, does anyone know at what point EXACTLY you can hear this phrase? thx
  5. I love this scene where boston jumps into the water and diving to this underwater-place. I remember when you are on this place, writing some word on your keyboard, you can see yourself swimming outside. I think it was something like "starwars" or anything.
  6. At the location where you find the first life crystal and this stone with the inscription. With this 4 "movie-shows" What do they exactly say? Can someboy write down the story of these "movie-shows" in text form? thx
  7. Hmm, maybe we could make a statistic from which country the users in this forum come from. Would be interresting to interresting to know how many countries are representing here. ... OK now, back to topic.
  8. I get the game in 1998 in a supermarket in germany, if i remember correctly. I was searching for a christmas present for my girlfriend who loves adventures. But I kept the game myself and I love it till today.
  9. I had Problems with activating the "light bridges", because I pressed the active button only for a short time instead holding it for a long time. So, I use the "train" the whole game to visit the islands. I only had to active the "light bridges" before activating the "eye". Sorry about the bad grammar, i am from germany and my english is not perfect. Greetings, Ralf
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