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  1. There a new cheaper PS3 model, which won't have backward compatibility AT ALL. Basically if ur buying a PS3, stay away from this model like the plague. The more expensive one is fine.
  2. well if your considering a ps3, wait a few weeks as well. I heard a price drop is in order. Plus if your buying a 360, remember to factor in the cost of subscribing to xbox live, plus other necessities such as a wireless adapter. Either way, as it presently stands, the ps3's library is nothing compare to the 360's.
  3. yeh i saw that Rogue. Most one sided final i've ever seen. Still full credit to them, they were the best team all year.
  4. noooooo! damn he was good author. I was waiting so eagerly for the last book. RIP
  5. oh crap, what happened in the credits? I saw about the first 30 seconds or so. was it just: or was there something more?
  6. damn right. Thats prob the first time we gotta something so big early. I watched it a few hours. IT WAS THE S**T! I expected nothing coming into the movie, but within a few minutes, i was hooked, and it was like i was 10 years old again with a giant grin on my face during the whole movie. My respect for Michael Bay has increased. AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT!!
  7. bittorrent? Ackbar: "Its a trap" "your tongues cant repel flavour of that magnitude!!" gold. Lots of guest voices as well, such as conan o brien, mark hamill, donald faison (turk from scrubs), seth mcfarlane and g lucas himself.
  8. Yeah you can get good at everything with practice ... except baseball. Man i hate that game. On another note, i got gold medals in all of the wii play games, including the tank! one. Man that was difficult.
  9. yeh can't wait for episode 2. Been so annoyed at the delays. Although Source have got around to optimising their source engine for dual core processors, which is mad. Hopefully most future games will start doing that. Is assassin's creed and gta 4 pc? thats awesome. Unless it comes out half a year after the consoles. Other than that crysis and bioshock interest me.
  10. how did u get turobografix games lynk? There not available in aust. and if ur gonna say the trick where u change the region to uk, the latest firmware update stopped that.
  11. Hehe, me too. Though there's no death count marked in TP so you'll have to keep your own count. If u haven't done the cave of ordeals yet do so, a lot of fun. What are ppls roll-goal scores? im hoping to get to 8-8 eventually but im only at 3-6 at the moment.
  12. lol at lynk .. u sir r cwazy. Yeh im near the end i think. Still got a few heart pieces, few bugs, and a few poes to go. And of course the final fight, i'll find out what that is soon enough. So far the game wasn't to hard, especially the bosses, but other than that ... best zelda game .. ever. The dungeon design was brilliant, and i loved the little references to past games such as OoT and WW. Those sword special attacks and combos combined with the wiimote, totally pwned any previous sword fighting experiences in past Zelda games. And the use of items was genius, specially some of the new ones. Rollgoal is the devil. Level 8 (ie 1-8,2-8 etc) is the hardest freakin thing in the game. I burned many a rupee on that thing. I doubt ill be getting to 8-8 anytime soon. The cave of ordeals is the s**t. Probably the only really challenging fighting in the game. Finished it on my first go but i was down to a few hearts havin used a few fairies and a blue potion. I heard its even harder the second time through. Dare anyone to give that a go with the 3-heart challenge (ie finishing the game with 3-hearts; no heart pieces or containers). Oh and 45hrs so far.
  13. yeh its a bunch of mini games, but it comes with a wiimote, so the game only cost 10 Aust Dollars. Cheaper if u can get a bargain. The tank game >>> .....
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