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  1. For those of you who use xfire and want to be able to join OJP servers with it, this is what you have to do. In Xfire, go to Options and click the 'Games' tab. After it's done detecting your games, search for 'Jedi Academy Multiplayer' in the list and select it. After selecting it, you will see advanced options on the right with a box where you can put in extra paramaters. Put the following in that box: +set fs_game ojpenhanced Then, just click apply/ok/save/whatever and you will be able to join OJP servers through Xfire. Note that you cannot join stock JKA games through Xfire anymore with this, neither can you join servers running other mods. If you want to be able to join stock JKA games again (for whatever reason), just empty the extra parameter box. I only play OJP when playing JKA, and probably a lot of you do as well. Works like a charm!
  2. For those of you that have not downloaded 1.2 yet, do it here. I thought I would give my impressions, suggestions and opinions after trying out the brand new 1.2 version posted on jk3files. The saber system still spells awesomeness, even after all the changes, additions and whatnot, it is still the best thing for a Star Wars jedi type of game. I must say that I have not noticed any flaws, bugs or glitches in the saber system. Top notch. I did have to get used to the fact that I had to acquire a certain amount of experience points before I could choose Juyo and the Staff/Niman styles, but that's ok I guess. I also mourn about the fact that I cannot manually deflect blaster bolts with Soresu anymore, but so be it. Djem-So, here I come. Things that were already excellent in previous versions remain that way, stuff like the main menus, ingame menus, sfx_sabers, exp points balance for skills and the gadgets available in gunnery are very well made. (Even though I made the ingame menus, they're still part of the good stuff.) Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad things as well. Most of them have to do with gunnery and bots. The one dislike about bots is that they are awesome shooters. They will have every shot dead on target, even the stormtroopers with their E-11's. The reload system is an awesome idea and, mostly, implemented well. However, there are a few bugs... When switching weapons, the spare ammo display is incorrect. (Saw this one already listed on the OJP 1.3 roadmap, though.) When picking up a dropped weapon (from a bot), the ammo in my clip will exceed the limit of that gun. The rocket launcher is bugged, when reloading, you move slower (probably intended) and after you here the 'click' it still takes a while before you can actually fire. If you switch weapons in the progress, you will still move slow for the rest of your life. The T-21 doesn't do anything for me. I might do something wrong with that weapon, but after testing it on a stormtrooper with absolutely no result, I ditched it for something else. Not reload-related, but you can still move around when you're in the middle of setting up a portable turret. Don't know if that's intended or not. Not reload, but gunnery related. I hate the fact that the game takes the privilege of spending my hard earned exp points to random guns, it doesn't do that with force powers, only with gunnery. Anyway, these are my impressions of the new 1.2. I will play more of course and see if I can find any other stuff that needs mentioning. This mod is very well done, and if you can fix all those bugs, you might have the perfect mod already.
  3. Sorry to be picky, but you spelled my name wrong in the credits...
  4. Is there a location where I can obtain this 'latest version'?
  5. In the version I am using, which I think is one of the latest, the game crashes to desktop when I try to push a TABBot, but I don't have my crosshair on him at the time I press push (as in, next to him or slightly above him). It happens with level 1 and level 2 of Force Push. Is this already resolved in the upcoming release?
  6. I can't wait to see the new goodness, as well as the actual review itself.
  7. The latest version posted in this thread seems to crash everytime I try to use Force Push. Also, I took a look at the ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3 file, since it was so massive in size compared to the latest one. Do you really need all those custom effects and what about all those screenshots in there of DarthDie with a swastika of demo charges. The custom effects in this pk3 sure look nice, but the bigger ones like the explosions from the rockets and thermal detonators somehow make my FPS plummet from sky-high to down-the-drain. It seems like they have not been made very effectively. Not that I can do any better, though.
  8. Well, I have not played it enough to comment on any imbalances, but I certainly would like some bugs to be fixed. A bug where you can't see your enemy's weapons is one of them. I think jump is still a bit too sensitive, but I am not sure if you can fix or tweak that. Furthermore, does the new upcoming version have new animations?
  9. Is it correct that you changed all the idle saber stances back to the standard JKA ones? If so, that's too bad, cause I really liked them.
  10. I have it as well, and I always start up my game with the shortcut: ""D:\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jamp.exe" +set fs_game ojpenhanced". I took a look in the pk3 files and it seems there is a folder called "New Folder" in the ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3 file which is not used at all. Inside that folder are subfolders with the names: menu, shaders, strings and ui. Tanqexe's splash screen can be found in there as well.
  11. I agree. My only dislikes about the new version are jump (press the button and you go way high, it feels like I am not in control of myself while jumping) and the fact that I can't perform a roll anymore while running forwards. Something else, jedi still seem to do a pre-block animation near a dead body if the owner of it has not respawned yet. Which leads me to the following question: What is the cvar which controls the respawntime?
  12. Well, the only things I use are: /addbot Stormtrooper 5 red. That gives me a TABbot on the red team with the highest skill. There is no need to specify the bottype as TABbots are the default.
  13. Yes, I have bugticketed the saber style and dual/staff sabers issue a while ago. I think its milestone is set for 0.0.9w.
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