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  1. I would break out of jail, pretending I am dead and run away to continue living. MUAHAHAHAHA! Life is great.
  2. Then that's a good idea. But how would it work?
  3. Wait, what are asking? Please, reaffirm that question. Are you asking, that if someone made a KOTOR series independent squel made for the Jedi Knight series? Or a game that is a part of the KOTOR series made in the style of the Jedi Knight series?
  4. ...left to the choice of each individual. I always choose Light Side Male.
  5. I don't remember this being overhyped. I just remember that one being one of the worst films made so far.
  6. You have a point there. I agree that Crash wasn't something special, but at least they tried. Oh, well. Everyone has their own tastes. I've seen it. And my first question after the film was: What's so revolutionary? What is scandalous? What is so contraversial? All I see is a relationship between two cowboys who have random people popping into their lives, not knowing what were they doing with them, themselves. Like for instance, when the first cowboy got divorced, he met a waitress in this bar. They 'danced' and then they somehow started to go around together. 10 minutes later, she walks up to him in a bar and starts talking to him about how women need love and so on and so on, leaving us and him in confusion, asking: "What is she talking about? What happened?" After this, my only hope was left that these two guys might impress me, but my hopes were just shadows of their former light. The film was pretty boring from that point on to me. I hope I didn't insult someone, but that's what I think. It wasn't so bad, but I believed that Ang Lee could have made it better. I agree. The Hulk was one of the worst fillm, I have ever had the chance to watch. Not only did they have very bad acting, but they based the entire story around that how Hulk goes rampant and throws tanks and cars around. Again, I agree.
  7. Syriana couldn't be overhyped or boring. It was pretty good in my opinion (Can you guess why?). Crash might have been boring at times, but it could depress you at spots, like when that girl ran to save her father from being shot in the head, and the girl was shot, but stayed alive. You want to know what's overhyped? Brokeback Mountain-Why did this film even get noticed in the first place is a mystery to me. And an even bigger mystery is: Why was it nominated for anything?
  8. Well, if I was required to be something that is not human, I would be either a Mandalorian or Rodian. I still prefer Human, though.
  9. 0.187 seconds. Usually it was 0.203 seconds. I remember I once got 0.04 I think, but don't take my word. It varies from person to person. I doubt that gender has anything to do with it.
  10. Uh... I'll be satisfied and I will continue working and hoping that I don't get a new PC. What else could I do?
  11. How come you have a computer then? Anyway, like Darth InSidious suggested: try writing (Huh... It isn't such a bad idea, now that I think about it). Maybe you could be a painter also (Painter as in drawer, mind you). Perhaps you could help in distributing books or help a Television station in getting things done. That's all I could think of for now. I don't know how can I help you here, but I am worth about 500 dinars. Or 4,16 pounds or 7,69 dollars.
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