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    I go to high school. *sigh* And bus tables. *sigh*
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  1. /signed (better late than never) I especially agree with darthfergie. To make it more interesting, there shouldn't be just two sides, but two (or four, if you throw in the CIS and Republic too) main sides that you can play as, while other smaller factions (some would control either a single planet, or a handful) controlled by the computer.
  2. Why limit it to the PSP when the majority of people play it on consoles? That's what bugs me.
  3. Who here is excited that it's a PSP exclusive? That's what I thought.
  4. Likes Spanish men with guns, along with green sigs.
  5. I think it would be best if it only slowed you down (like you are going against the wind), and not swept you off your feet. Unless it is a tornado.
  6. So they're really going to make a III? Excellent, as long as it is actually great.
  7. Anyone? I don't care if eets small....
  8. Grievous is okay. He sprints pretty fast, but I hate it that he can't jump like the Jedi.
  9. Would someone be willing to add a Santa hat to me avvy?
  10. You have to upload it to an image-hosting site, then put the url of the image in [/img] tags.
  11. Aww. See ya, DMUK; you were always one of my favorite admins.
  12. aaaaaa it's ANIME HITLER: Brought to you by Boredom: The Fresh Maker.
  13. They're develpoing it? That will make for one sweet game. Finally.
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