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  1. I could whip up something, but as i stated above, it wouldnt be the full blown *strikes body builder pose* abs of STEEL look that carth had thanks to svosh. an undershirt/boxers combination would be the best I could probably do
  2. the feat you are thinking of is mobility, and most of my mods that have robes/clothing in them give you that feat it only makes you move 10% faster however
  3. *chuckles* we have 2 of the 3 saber's he's used, and im working on a face/outfit for him
  4. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/DuffmanDan/torso_front.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/DuffmanDan/torso_back.jpg thats what a copy/paste/color match looks like if you take the images from svosh's work as a base. not the prettiest picture on the net, but meh. part of the problem would be around the colarbone area - that just doenst look like a natural human torso to me =/ the model looks wierd, probably because on the original image, there is a ridge and a slight color change there. I dunno. we could go for a cheap 'wife beater' tshirt and plaid boxer shorts
  5. I had actualy considered Vaklu, but i was going to try to avoid any head that was used in an obvious place in-game =/ but rest assured, that head model is being kept in consideration
  6. no matter which model is used, it will be quite obvious what it was originaly. in all the games, while not being thin/short or really tall/muscular, he was no slouch either. He was usualy of average/above avarage hight, and average build. The scoundrel/smuggler/mercenary model that is used in k1 is a tad below average hight, and thin. The padawan robe model might be off the list, as it has no actual upper leg/butt area. Its covered by the trailing edge of the tunic. If I could skin the backpack and some of the belts and stuff off of the old soldier model from k1, that might work just fine.........but i dont think that will work, there would be nothing underneith where those parts were, i imagine. using the old k1 jedi robe model and skining off the trailing edges that go behind is still a possibility, as is the class 5 armor. meh, long day i've had.
  7. to be fair, thats too different links. eagle racer's has more then just the floating lightsabers though, so check both of em' out!
  8. already done my man! http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/10704.html thanks to the lovely darth333
  9. bleh. im gonna scrap the scout clothing idea, and try to make a padawan model jedi robe look something like this - http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/DuffmanDan/newkylecopy.jpg
  10. o.O i never actualy considerd that. Indeed it might.
  11. the scout clothing model is in k1 and k2, so it would work, with either a new head or a modified appearance.2da file. Im tinkering with skins for k2 faces and such, but the shape of the heads will still be quite obvious that it isnt kyle or his lookalike =/ i DO have one for k2 that is getting closer, but it still needs loads of tweaking, and its based on infinity blade's mercenary kyle model for jko. A bit more stuble and some more work on his hair, and i think we will be close. getting clothing that will look like his from either the cutscenes in df2-jk, or his clothing in jko/jka more then likely WON'T be possible. the closest thing that is in the 2 games is the disciple's clothing model. if anyone else has any ideas, im more then willing to entertain them
  12. i think he was just teasing. guys can be silly like that. heck i'm a guy, and i dont mind my female characters having 'feminine' items even if i can't bring myself to have a female pc
  13. sweet! thanks a bunch man! and to jedi knight 007....... http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/DuffmanDan/maybe.jpg
  14. *laughs* the sleaves look like i tossed paint on them, the shirt looks like.............i honestly have no idea what it looks like i tossed a color and texture overlay on those portions of the image........while watching the simpsons........so it took me 15 minutes......real hard work.....right........... so yes, they suck! for the moment let me fiddle with them for a few hours or days, then judge meh work! but then i'd make a wip thread like a normal person........wait.........whats normal again? I'm so confused
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