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  1. I once had something really weird with the cloud car in Bespin: platforms. I was flying around a bit when suddenly a x-wing flew in to me. The x-wing exploded but I survived, but the most odd: the head of my player was smashed through the cockpits nose. After about 30 seconds my head 'popped' in again. Did someone had the same problem? p.s. This happened in the ps2 version
  2. I think that is the best way if you want to do something with the flashing
  3. Why would they put it on the box then?
  4. But it would be logical that they publish it on the same day, otherwise you get people who already have it on the pc and no-one has it on the XBox because it isn't out, and it doesn't say 1 November: pc version out or something, so i think it will come out all at the same time
  5. I think the Space Battles, because of the look of it, the space maps are HUGE (like Coruscant) and there is a lot of lasers flying round your 'plane'. And luckily they also have bits of the maps inside the motherships
  6. No, it doesn't say it anywhere on the website and on swbattlefront.net. So no, don't count on it, but because it isn't out, that also could be a reason why it's not on the website, but again: don't count on it.
  7. I have made my own upload site, but it can't upload videos through manually, it needs to go through FTP, and i am the only one who has acces to it, if you want, i can upload it to my website. By the way: awesome video
  8. I think on the multiplayer, this will only cause people to do more wall hacking, i don't know, but isn't that bad?
  9. I am with you, but its hard to make a portable console with a little screen, without having to ruin the graphics a bit.
  10. yes, it was activated, but i just had it again when it wasnt activated :s
  11. I had it in the Citadel, but it was near the observatory in one of the buildings
  12. I just remember now: I once had an AI Bot (!!!) that was wallhacking. I don't know if it was on purpose, but it happened in single player. So it was 100% sure an AI Bot... I think he just fell through the ground or something
  13. You have to be a millionare to do that!
  14. I just like their weapons and stuff. They are just my favorite. But I don't know why
  15. But still there will be places where you can 'wall-hack'. Because it is nearly imposssible to check all the walls
  16. I hate wallhackers. I think they should leave the game and don't come back.
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