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  1. Update: Aha! I got a respons from the lucasarts support today saying: "Hello, Thank you for reporting this to us. It appears to be related to the ATI driver software for the Radeon. We have reported the issue to ATI and hopefully it will be fixed in future ATI software." So, it seems that it's the Radeon drivers that's messing things up. Hopefully ATI will get to work on that one since I don't believe I'm alone getting this very annoying bug. Still strange though that the game works ok before I apply the 1.2 patch.
  2. Ok, after spending 20 hours yesterday on trying to get Battlefront to work ok, including a full system reinstall with all windows updates, updating all Creative and Catalyst drivers and Battlefront STILL having the same bug I went to bed quite frustrated. It didn't get better having recieved a couple of "support" mails from "lucasarts@aqinc.com" with each telling me that I either needed to update the graphics drivers or sound(!) drivers =( Well, this morning an interesting thought appeared. I decided to try one last thing. I reinstalled Battlefront for what felt like the thousandth time, but this time *without* patching the game with the 1.2 update. I found a couple of online servers accessible and lo and behold the bug was gone! I played 6 maps to make sure that the light and contrast stayed as I had set it in the Video Options. Everything worked as it should. To test if it indeed is the 1.2 update that is causing this bug I updated the game with the 1.2 patch. Yes, the bug was now there again! =((( Conclusion: After all this frustration and wasting all this time trying to find a problem in a working system, it finally turns out to be the dang 1.2 Update causing the problems =((( Well, now at least I know. Uninstalling the game untill a fix for this crap is released.
  3. Hi swbattlefront.net people! I'm a newcomer to Battlefront and been playing online a few days. I am not sure what causes the bug that I'm pestered by but here goes... Whenever I'm in a game and a map finish the score shows (good thing). But as soon as I press "Done" and that map closes the light I've set in Options > Video Options goes down and get too dark (bad thing). =~( This means that whenever a new map loads I first have to wait till my selected character spawns, then go out to Options > Video Options to nudge the light and/or contrast sliders a lil for the light to jump back to my regular setting. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if it "only" happened when I start the game, but it happens every time I play a new map! =~( It's very annoying since I always get out last in the field and I'm getting tired having to go through the Options panels with every new map =~( What can be the problem? Is it something I have missed on my part? Thanks in advance! Update; My hardware specs: Asus P4P800 SE, P4 3.2, 2GB Ram, DirectX 9.0c, ATI Radeon 9800XT(256Ram), Creative Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro.
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