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  1. I have a German copy of CMI which came with a nice manual PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rrWbxzphYnHKHvwLZGJ0YxBxJnf27IM0/view?usp=sharing (EDIT: fixed permissions, hopefully) It seems to be stored as a JPG but with some weird colourspace, so here's a PNG version copy/pasted out of a PDF viewer. There's also a surprisingly hi-res version of the Monkey Island picture from the opening FMV, but the PNG's too big to attach here.
  2. Hi, I rediscovered this pdf recently, and I took the time to work out the overlapping paragraphs (after "Manny doubles back to the car, reaches into Olivia's pile of flowers and finds his gun, then ... ... Ouch!"). It took a few hours of drawing over letters in Paint - or to be more precise, copying over letters from elsewhere on the page, changing their colour so I could overlap them and try and work out what was underneath. One paragraph reads: The other reads:
  3. Hi, whilst clearing out the hard disk of my computer, with a view to wiping it and starting afresh, I found a bunch of old SCUUM-related tools. I suspect a lot of them are already in wild circulation, but I thought I'd post them all up in case there were any gems among them. I don't know what they all are, but maybe someone will appreciate them. Here's a list of the files: akosview.zip alfl2pcx.zip Charlie.zip conman.zip costrip15.zip descumm.zip emi-viewer-2.1.zip ftplay02.zip labedit.zip labu13.zip lfl2pcx.zip lflview.zip LucasGrab.zip mm_view.zip monkey1.zip plany.zip PsychonautsExplorer1.2.zip ResourceFileCreatorDumper1.0.zip sanplayer.zip scumm16.zip scumm2d.zip scummcol.zip scummrev\scummrev-2010.zip scummrev\scummrev-2011.zip scummrev\scummrev-2012.zip scummrev\scummrev-208.zip scummrev\scummrev.zip scummrev\scummrev3.zip scummrev\SCUMMRev5_Build130.zip scummrev\scummrevsource.zip scummview.zip TOBYBEAR\gfxutils.zip TOBYBEAR\LucasRipper.zip TOBYBEAR\lucasripper104.zip wplny09b.zip Link below. No guarantees how long I'll keep it up, but it will probably be a fair while. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B-drqU6TgHZLNWQ1ZTczMDAtM2I1YS00ZDE2LWFkMWQtNDVmNzMwYWU0NzRk EDIT: looks like the above link doesn't allow public viewing any more. Try this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-drqU6TgHZLNWQ1ZTczMDAtM2I1YS00ZDE2LWFkMWQtNDVmNzMwYWU0NzRk/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-ljGpwTqwWM6daFJFSYHLNA
  4. You mean the flashing "<ADVERTISEMENT>" text? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LOOM_advert_in_Monkey_Island.png
  5. I can think of two possible inspirations for the new hair: Rayman: Or the Macdonalds logo:
  6. Hey. @Thunderpeel, I completely agree with your first post. It must be possible to get back some of that easy-going-ness, even when adapting the art style, or remaking in 3D (I can't tell from that picture whether it's 3D or not). Talking with LucasArts about it, might best be done on their forums maybe... http://forums.lucasarts.com/forum.jspa?forumID=133 Apart from the graphics though, very impressed with the way they've apparently extended the original game/engine, rather than reimplementing everything from scratch, which is what I assumed at first. Apart from the face/hair, I think the idea's great. Not sure the scenes sound very good acted out with voices though... And the narration sounds a bit too Space-Questy to me. But I don't think those quibbles aren't enough to put me off. Ultimately, it would be great to see more adventure game love from LucasArts. If I had an XBox or capable PC, I'd happily buy it to show my support, the same way I did for Telltale with the Bone games.
  7. I have a six-years-old computer and no next-gen consoles but a close friend with an XBox 360, so overall Brutal Legend just about wins this vote. But if I had a good computer, I'd probably have played and be eagerly but nervously anticipating sequels for AVS and Insecticide...
  8. Thanks, Thrik. No dice though so far. A couple seem to have gone down at some point over the past few years though, sadly, and not all of them are archived... I have yet to scan through the more generically-titled review articles, but they don't sound as likely.. Thanks for the link though.
  9. ... A specific one. I was wondering whether the good people of Mojo would be able to help me? At least, it was probably on the mixnmojo front page that I first heard about it.. It was round about the time when Psychonauts was the hot topic, I believe, and someone asked him what his favourite album was. I thought at the time that it was a pretty weird choice, but now I'm thinking of getting a copy. I can't remember whether he had anything interesting to say about it though, and I'd be interested to read it again.. Cheers...
  10. Sorry to bump in here, but I have to side with neon_git on this. I imagine there are a lot of vegetarians who refuse to buy meat, but they won't then sneak into a field, steal a cow, and kill and eat it themselves. I'm sorry to hear of your dealings with Sony and EA, and yeah, DRM like that sucks, but you shouldn't be taking it out on a smaller company like Autumn Moon. Point A) I think is fair enough, since you deserve to be able to use software you've paid for, but I disagree with the other points: B) If a company stops trading in older software, that can be tough, but it doesn't mean you're entitled to do what you want with it. If I wrote a game, and for whatever reason I only made a few copies available, or didn't release it to the public at all, that wouldn't give you any right to it. In this case, it also reduces the potential market for the software, and would lessen the chances of a successful re-release in future, meaning it's less likely to see a re-release at all. C) If an open-source project allows linking to commercial or closed-source projects, that's their business. If Panda3D is seen as suitable for use in commercial software, then that's great. Buying the product is also a great way to show your support for both. D) A better action here would be boycotting the product. Illegally downloading a game isn't going to make them less inclined to stop using DRM. If you want to make a point, hurt them in ways they can't defend against at all - don't buy it! Companies can't install measures to prevent people from not buying their games. Think back to events like the Montgomery Bus Boycott - it lasted over a year, and the inconvenience and persecution was much more serious there, but they still managed to secure the victory they were after, and it turned out to be a significant milestone in the Civil Rights movement. E) Even if product's undeserving of your money, but if you don't pay for it, then you don't deserve to use it. If it's poorly made, then that's just less of a reason to download a copy. [/offtopic] Anyway, I'd really like to see AVS succeed, and I hope we get to see bigger and better things coming from Mr Tiller in the years to come... Unfortunately, my PC doesn't seem to be up to the task of running AVS. I'll try messing about with my graphics drivers, but I'm not hopeful... Anyone knows if it needs pixel/vertex shader or anything like that? If so, I can safely give up now...
  11. I'd agree with this. I'm not particularly excited about it at the moment, but I think I'll probably change my mind when I actually see it, because of the fact that everything Tim touches turns into Awesome...
  12. Mitchell could be great, although I can't see him doing it with tongue out of cheek. But how about getting Webb in too - he'd make an interesting sidekick. I'm surprised Mr TDavies hasn't given the Doctor more male companionship over the years... This Saturday's episode was a fairly big change of pace from the Library two-parter. It had some interesting ideas, but on the whole it didn't really do it for me though - most of the characters felt a bit too stereotypical to me, and most of the clothing and cabin technology were surprisingly contemporary. The Rose thing is annoying me slightly now, hopefully the finale (does that start next week?) will be good though. Incidentally, did anyone else notice his list of companions starting with Rose? It looks like they're considering the new stuff a lot more important than the old. Maybe that's reasonable though. It can't be denied that there's a very clear gap between old and new. There were some good performances though, and it was an interesting concept to explore. We don't often see him having to cope by himself, and at the mercy of other people. It fleshes things out a bit.
  13. You might think so, but PNG is only best if the file size is smaller (e.g. in simple diagrams or unaliased text), or if you care about exact reproduction - which is kind of moot if your image has come from a "fuzzy" source, like a scanner or a camera. I'm a big fan of PNG when it's used appropriately, but I know when JPEG's best. This page sums it up well: http://www.wfu.edu/~matthews/misc/jpg_vs_gif/JpgCompTest/JpgForArchive.html Actually though, having managed to download the images now, I can see the provided quality level is more than good enough. The file sizes could have been lessened, but that's just spilt milk under the bridge now.
  14. If higher resolutions are desired, then you can get a lot more detail per byte using JPEG. (Just FYI...)
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