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  1. Oooo, very nice, I haven't seen the movie or whatever that you're talking about, but this would make for a fantastic cell-shaded AND realistically skinned model.
  2. Bravo, very nice. The head itself has a great amount of detail in it.
  3. Wow, I still don't know how you guys (ground vehicle modellers) can stand working on these things for so long. If it were me, i'd probably have killed someone by now. Anyways, great job, and good luck.
  4. hey manquesa i finished a skin for it just send me your e-mail address. Anyway great model i love it.
  5. I myself am a huge fan of star wars especially JO/JA and i would love to see another choose your own character(and destiny) along with a more balanced weapon system and a good storyyline. Sign me up. _______ jaden decar ----------- Anyway i would like a more balanced weapon system instead of saber rules all.
  6. okay my opinion on this is similar to toms but it includes harsher punishment for worse kinds of bullying. I don't believe that expulsion should be a consideration unless what the bully did was damaging physically to the victim or had a very bad impact mentally on the victim. In my opinion also a criminal record should be used for all kinds of bullying so that the bullies will have something that will teach them that what they did can't be undone just like their record.
  7. personally i love swg. I've been playing it for a few months now and im always entertained. Also strangely enough i still love customizing weapons and armor. If ya ask me its well worth the price.
  8. okay guys i need help. I know how to make a basic md3 model but i wanted to make a vehicle. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. hey im sorry but what is the code to switch dimensions.
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