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  1. you may have to downplay your settings...if you have it set on 16 bit you may have to put it back down to 8 bit...that's the only thing I can think...you also may have to downplay some other things...other than that the only other solution I can think of is to disable cutscenes
  2. i've gotten this message before...if you have mods on you need to use the ones that you saved with...or otherwise...it may be because you have incompatible mods or other files on your MotSdirectory...second one is just a guess, but the first one I know is true...
  3. try downloading and installing the required version...it shouldn't overwrite your new version, so it'll still work with your newer games but you'll also be able to play the old ones too...give it a try, repost with results...
  4. I could try to get them for you...give me about...oh say...a couple days or a week and you'll have them from me...
  5. "There is also a JK Community Chatroom located on IRC! Come join us! irc.holonet.org #JK We play the game almost everyday, so if you want a game, come here first!" I tried putting irc.holonet.org #jkc as an Ip and I got an error. what do I do If I wanna play someone...
  6. I am getting some really fast and fancy Internet for my house but my computer isn't really all that good...I was wondering 1.how do I get a multiplayer name so that I can play online. and 2. does anyone still play these games online?
  7. you should be able to find it here...on the side menu bar click levels/mods nad find your game and look for it click here I know that its there i just saw it the other day...
  8. that might be the problem as well. I don't know the supported chipsets but it may be that you have a card that is not supported by the game because its too new...
  9. Thanks for the help...and the spoiler
  10. That might have something to do with your 3d card not being good enough. I have trouble with that in a couple games. either turn off 3d in JK or deal with it. that's all i can say.
  11. alright...at the end of the last level, When Kyle tells you to cross the bridge to realixe your true destiny.. I always fall and die. only once have i survived...why am i dying!?!?!?
  12. I have honestly never seen something like this...well i have but its been for other games that i cant use...like COHAN 2. I'm not exactly sure...maybe if you could post your computer specs i could help you with it...
  13. I think that the first time i heard about it was when i was about 9 or 10..this was about a year or two after mots...I think. I downloaded the demo of Mots and freeking loved it. (freeking spelled wrong but thats ok) I was at my friends house who lives in new york at the time...its tough to get from RI to NY quickly enough to play games and then leave...so i forgot about it until about...hmmm...8th grade when one of my friends was talking about Star Wars games...I asked him what his favortie was and he said Mots and JK..so then I remembered the games and was like "If I bring in some disks coul
  14. Here we go... I like Gorc and pic because they have attitude...and Yun because he aint afraid to die...I definelty like the lightside ending much less than the darkside ending. although the darkside ending was a little wiered when Kyle was about to cry.
  15. Actually it is there. If you go to the Lucasarts website. then go to games, then classics, then Jk: Mots there is a tab that you click on at the top(i forget what it says) and it will tell you how to get the level, I've never actually done it though
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