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    Here it is...I'm the guy who never gets what he wants...Who nothing ever works out for...
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  1. its not british...1. and i know it..2. i dont know the part though...3.
  2. close enough...it was actually Why do i need you when I can have all the power of the valley of the jedi to myself.
  3. could someone make me a sig to match this picture, I'll leave most of it up to you, but i'd like to be able to see the saber and I like it to say my name on it.
  4. Sometimes you get it from the salvager in the dantooine jedi enclave, the first time...its random, as was said earlier. always a rare crystal...
  5. Qui Toral stood up. The flight was a blur to him. He must have been knocked out. he heard Viper call for soldiers and Qui got up and ran to the group. "Maybe I should go with you. I am a healer after all. you might have need for me." He stood, impatient, and waited for an answer.
  6. Name: Qui Toral Faction: Rebublic Class: jedi Sentinel/jedi healer Race: Kel Dor Sex:Male appearance: check the sig and avatar Age:19 Weapons: green lightsaber Equipment: Grey Jedi Robes,Healing supplies
  7. Name: Qui Redart gender:Male Age: 19 Species: human Weapons: Purple lightsaber Armour: armor similar to Darth Revan's armor(scheck out my sig) Other Equipment: medical equipment, life signs scanner in his visor Special Abilities (if any): Qui has the ability to basically copy anyone's forcepowers and use them, until the original user is dead.(sorry if it's too powerful, if so i'll change it) Modus Transporti (If any): Enhanced jedi starfighter (we're talking diamond shaped ones from AOTC) Occupation: Jedi Knight, jedi medic... Disposition: mainly lightside but partially neutral Bio:Not much is known of Qui. Only that he has been with the jedi since birth, as all apprentice's are. He was once suspended from the order for using darkside force powers in a war situation. He was let back in when he proved to his masts that he had what it takes to be a jedi.
  8. ...ooOOOooo... can anyone join the RP?...anyway, hi new dude
  9. you may have to downplay your settings...if you have it set on 16 bit you may have to put it back down to 8 bit...that's the only thing I can think...you also may have to downplay some other things...other than that the only other solution I can think of is to disable cutscenes
  10. hows this for an avy...I didn't make it though...
  11. would this be a real card or an e-card...I could do an e-card, and I'd try to do a real card, but it would have to be sent to me...
  12. i've gotten this message before...if you have mods on you need to use the ones that you saved with...or otherwise...it may be because you have incompatible mods or other files on your MotSdirectory...second one is just a guess, but the first one I know is true...
  13. can make very simple avatars now...
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