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  1. Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture from Star Blazers (only Anime worth watching IMHO)
  2. All the Bond films I've seen are unrealistic. Its kinda the point. However, if you really want unrealistic.... watch Moonraker!
  3. I'm not convinced that Craig is a good Bond. I also didn't care for Casino Royale. I say bring back Pierce Brosnan.
  4. They'll only have a chance if people who feel like you would stop worrying so much about who has a chance to win. Vote your conscience, no matter what.
  5. When I saw the title of this thread, I was thinking something a little vulgar.
  6. I voted last week. Care to guess for whom?
  7. Most important thing is to have fun. Of course, you will need a good quality guitar that will stay in tune (hope the one you have fits that bill). An acoustic guitar isn't the best thing for a beginner though. An electric guitar is much easier on the fingers because it doesn't take as much effort to fret the notes. Not to mention you can get all kinds of sounds out of an electric with just a Line 6 Guitar Port for your computer or a small modeling amp. As far as learning some technique, if you have some money to put into your learning, you might want to check out iPerform3D. Here is the website....http://guitarschool.net/ It utilizes a 3D computer model of a guitar and guitarist and you can zoom and view the playing from any angle. Its much better than watching an instructional DVD because you can control the camera with your mouse. Here's a screenshot..... EDIT: I just remembered. When and if you find yourself interested in playing an electric guitar, you should check out http://www.rondomusic.com . They have a product line known as Agile guitars. They are near clones of famous guitars (namely the Gibson Les Paul) and are top notch quality. My stepson owns one and it is a great instrument. They aren't very expensive either. A top of the line Les Paul copy goes for around $400 when the real thing will cost you about $4000.
  8. I somewhat agree, but I think Iron Man was a little better than Hulk. Dark Knight was good, but lacked what it would take to overcome The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.
  9. Normally, I'd agree. I hated Buffy and Angel. I was surprised that Firefly came from the same guy.
  10. My sympathies.....but I must ask, who was he?
  11. I meant the population, not individuals.
  12. I say we stay out of it. So much of the world's ills have been caused by our meddling in affairs that are none of our business.
  13. I had a friend who was the singer in a death metal band about 15 years ago. He went to see GWAR and got showered in fake blood and it stained his hair. His hair was white-blond before the incident and deep pink afterward.
  14. The best was seeing KISS on the Reunion Tour at the Pyramid in Memphis, TN. The worst was meeting Jeff LaBar of Cinderella while their opening act was onstage. He was a complete jerk!
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