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  1. What?!?! No Decepticons option? I would like to plunge down the button over Sith, but I know I'll sell out and play whatever the rest of my friends and brother are.
  2. Who gets dressed in the morning? Right, People may not sleep in their clothes; but, they DO have a tendency to put them on when they get up . That being said maybe we should move in a direction other than waking up in the morning, like maybe recovering conciousness from a fight or starting the game in a military camp training. There's a world of reasons to wear pants out there, Your job is to find them!
  3. They were tunics I think. In KOTOR 2 I liked the robes but I would like to see some variety, such as more armour-like robes like Malak's. The jedi armour was a great idea but let's move away from the Oompa Loompa trooper look. I think the japanese style of armour would look good on jedi, since it's one piece and doesn't look like and armoured trooper [although Obi-wan did look good in his trooper armour].
  4. I have no idea why they haven't added this yet, it's kinda a no-brainer, let's just hope they add it to they next game. there are plenty of non disruptive ways to add it in.
  5. . Actually he's close, the armour worn by the royal guards IS mandalorian in design, the royal guard's training is very simialar to mandalorian training and they learn mandalorian martial arts in conjunction with echani ones. I think this might be because the clones started the royale guards (the kick a** fighting guards not the honor ones used before the clone wars)and they were trained in mandalorian traditions. Which brings me to my other point: they are clones of the last true mandalorian. So yeah they arn't technicaly mandalorians but several of their origins traditions and training are.
  6. Great, now I feel guilty for bending the rules... Well any ways, thanks for the exceptionator! 501 X 126, that is pretty darn close. -RH
  7. Exactly, Yoda was dyslexic or something. Yeah, we should get one, Mira was close but she didn't believe in the honor, reasons for combat, didn't talk like a mandilorian and really wasn't much of one besides the fact she was on their side, thats the only thing she has in common.
  8. @ Red; alright, but I'm not going to like it, I'd rather be sailing... What about a cyborg guy not tailored after General grevious but is a combat droid and can become a jedi? Wouldn't that be a quirky character? A jedi who uses droid upgrades and feats?
  9. The inlfluence system in my opinion, was nothing short spectacular, it's a brilliant idea and should be implemented in the next game(s). Any one who thinks otherwise, go into a corner and die, seriously (j/k). There's also many options for amellioration
  10. Yeah like Michael jackson? We could use the faction armor. In the past games this was a bit of an oversight and well, I'm suprise it wasn't in. Robes: We just need more. masks: Would be good but not before they fix the crappy headgear . One hand glove: See above Blindfold: Yeah maybe this could heighten your connection to the force in exchange for for some awareness.
  11. lol. Did any one else notice, on darth vader's to packaging it says: warning, choking hazard! lol.
  12. IMHO, the rancor should be replaced by a rancor becase a rancor, in my opinion, should be easy to kill by normal tanks multiple AT-STs; also, if they change it to krayt dragon, it would be okay to keep the stats the same way and maybe on dathomir they could have many (severely nerfed) rancors and (maybe a matriarch one). Just my thoughts.
  13. Okay well for those of you who think a rancor could kill a AT-AT consider this: How many of you can destroy a motorcycle with your fists only? (No taking apart, rancors arn't that smart). And on top of that, add two shot guns and two pistols to the bike. And add James Bond (gotta have an experienced pilot) driving the bike. Now add 15 metres between you and the bike; and, you should be dead by now.
  14. Awesome points! Also dont forget were talkin' 'bout futuristic metals and stuff. Plus the larger animals are, the more I find that their strength-size ratio goes down (ants can lift up to 50 times their weight, lemurs are pretty strong, I can lift twice my body weigth without breaking a sweat, I doubt elephants can lift their body weigth and I know for a fact that whales cannot lift theirs). so I doubt a rancor can destroy something made a s dense as metals, particularly ones stronger than steel. Although I must say, rancors are taller than 3 metres tall; although, they still shouldn't be able to kill a walker.
  15. Thats more than a bit off topic, Zalcron, but yeah, you can kill off every hero EXCEPT The Emperor or Mothra Mothma. Any ways... Nakatomi, I understand that that is a possibility but keep in mind it's just a theory, you'd have to be a good player to use that technique otherwise you'd just get wasted, plus your last rebuttle said that you'd bring other lager ships, guess what? Thats no longer a hit and run attack on larger ships, thats a full scale assault!
  16. Empire: Vader, more machine than man Rebels: Kenobi Anonomous: MASTER CHIEF!!!
  17. well I doubt that this is gonna be a new StarCraft but this game is pretty good and I'll be playing it online I hope to see you two there aswell! But I doubt that we three will constitute one percent of the online gaming comunity.
  18. Exactly. And what about the Y-wings? Their damage would be persistant too! Not to mention, the fact that the Y-wings are defenseless! The Y-wings would get mauled by any fighter let alone a gunship which can take them out while running so they can't attack it in turn. Besides, for every capital ship target, is another squad of fighters and bombers to kill the Y-wings. In conclusion I think that this an awesome idea.
  19. Could work but ships should only be able to do it against a ship of equal or greater class and when crashing it deals less damage against larger ships.
  20. wow, get a life man, good job man your my idol now. your divine. Bet you get all the ladies,
  21. wrong, I believe Homer once said De and fault are the two sweetest words in the english language. other wise w00t! default gone-gold!!!
  22. Ubuntu? Is that "red" linux One angle that Petro-Glyph should work is adding imroved mod tools or else modders might not buy the expo as they might not even need or want it. It's too bad Linux hasn't caught on, It's far superior in nearly every aspect. If it ever does catch on though well, we'll be laughing about how long Microsoft stood for considering its last version (XP) actually actually copied linux. Thanks for your kind words though, I kinda feel like the Homsar of LF.
  23. I was wondering are you permited to make a bunch of non-requested sigs and offer them in here to be customized? Like if you have a good idead and do but not sure if any one wants it and you made it?
  24. You know what? You are right. In fact I dare say that modders can do a better job than the original programmers through sheer zeal. But y'know what? people don't like free stuff no matter how much better it is, we'll always have it that way because people are paranoid and automaticaly assume higher price equals higher value. Good examples of this include bottled water and Linux. If this ever changes we're in for a better world but until then corporations have us in their grip. If anyone reads this I compel them to use die The Gimp rather than foto photoshop, It's the taster's choice!
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