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  1. I have an older version of this advertising, and one cannot help but take notice that the XBox 360 is not making its projected sales. Otherwords, Microsoft most likely released this information to an outside source, so they can attract people to the XBox 360. It is a marketing ploy... As an ad designer and student, I have used similar tactics to get people to buy a product. It usually works. In the older version that I have, they mentioned many things that have become 100% true; therefore, I would take this news as a factual piece of advertising. The version I have came a year before the release of Halo 2 and Episode III, and all the facts in it came to reality. Edit: If the titles are numbered wrong, there must be talk about the distant future of the games. Therefore, there is something moving in all the mentioned franchises. Edit:: I read somewhere in this forums that Halo 3 is not being made, and it is mentioned in the advertising... Sad news for that claim, but Halo 3 is being made, and in the UK they are taking pre-orders.: http://www.oxm.co.uk/ (Read the news section on the right!
  2. My thoughts: 1. KotOR I gave the player a vast world, which was so large in scale that it makes KotOR II look verry limited. Therefore, I hope to see another massive scale KotOR. (Tatooine was one of the largest planets, which contained shops, cantinas, etc...) KotOR II doesn't have that vastness... I hope KotOR III will... 2. I never saw anywhere in game where it mentioned 'True Sith', and I don't believe it actually exists in game. However, there was a mention of the existance of the original Sith. Otherwords, a group of ancient Sith Lords that managed to obtain vast amounts of power, and they are hidden somewhere in the Outer Rim... KotOR III will definatly bring this to light... Original Sith does not mean True Sith... I think the game was talking about the Original Sith Lords... The Sith Lords that started the tradition of the fallen Jedi... 3. I think Revan will become a Sith Lord at the end, and you will have to defeate him/her. I also think the Exile will be his/her Apprentice. 4. Depending on how you play KotOR III, you will confront Bastila at some point. Either she will be a Dark Jedi or Jedi Master is up in the air. However, she may be your guide once again. 5. HK-47, Atton, Carth, and Mandalore!?!?! I don't think we shall see these characters again. However, I think we will finally find out their fate. 6. Visas may be an important character, and I wouldn't be surprised to she her as a Jedi Master of the sorts. 7. I think that Dantooine will be the only planet that comes back. 8. Plot twist will be something so incredible, and its final revelation will be so dramatic. Similar to the revailing of Revan. 9. Ebon Hawk will be missing, and part of your quest is to find out what happened to: The Edon Hawk, Revan, and Bastila. 10. The Driod Factory will most likely make an apearance. However, its story will not be the same as KotOR IIs. I think it will be redesigned, and have a much darker purpose. 11. HK-Factory will be omited, for there is no other use for it. However, they could put a newly redesigned version of it on the Droid Planet. 12. Coucaunt, Daughobah, and Yavin IV would be a good addition to the series, but I doubt they will actually make it.. 13. Nomi Sunrider and her daughter will make an appearance in KotOR III. 14. Jolee's fate will be determined. even though you can kill him during your darkside quest in KotOR I. 15. T3M4 is holding the where abouts of Revan, and he will play a recording similar to Princess Lea's in 'A New Hope'.. 16. The Republic's fate will be stable and stong, and your PC will have nothing to do with the Republic's fate. Similar to KotOR I. 17. I can see the death of a few characters: Mandalore, BouDur, and Disciple. 18. Handmaiden will become a Jedi Master, and take the place of Atris. Or, Visas will. Since Visas is similar in nature.. Actually, I can see Visas being a very wise Jedi Master. 19. Dantooine's Jedi Academy will be 100% restored with students. Visas, Handmaiden, and Desciple will be running the Academy. You the PC will be a student of the academy, and KotOR III will begin there.
  3. KotOR Tool Website Update! 12.24.05 Fred and I have been working hard to create the KotOR Tool website. Last night, I sent Fred five webpages to review. Fred is a really cool taskmaster, and I thank him for allowing me to contribute. Without Fred's hardwork, I don't know where I would be in modding. When the site is complete, I invite all of you to its grand opening....
  4. KotOR Tool Web Site Production Update! 12.23.05 @ 3:11 PM Decided to redownload all .exe and .txt files, so I can setup the links properly. Inorder to make updating easy, I plan on seting up a folder for downloadable files. Therefore, all that is necessary is to drop new versions into the folder, and links will pickup the new files automatically. This will also keep folder directories clean... At the moment, I am creating the readmes and tutorial files into HTML. Also creating screenshots of the KotOR Tool and Module Editor...
  5. Way back, when I bought KotOR I for XBox, I played through the whole game, and found out that they left out Yavin IV. Now, inorder to get Yavin IV, I would have to spend $50 for XBox-Live, and $50 for the XBox game itself. There is no game in the world worth $100. So, I bought the PC version for $30, and was able to get the whole game. Lucas really messed that oen up.... Star Wars Gallexies costs $30-$50 to purchase, and about $20-$40 per month to play online. Therefore, the cost of the game averages $240 per year... No way in hell am I going to purchase that series... Add in what you pay for an online service... Damn! You are talking: $240 (per/year for online gaming) + $240 (per/year for online service) + $30-$50 (to purchase the game) . Who in the world would pay so much money for a game!?!?!?
  6. KOTOR II - Did get the shaft! About Lucas Arts While scanning Lucas Arts, I followed some intresting links. If you remember the KotOR 2 patch, which took Lucas Arts, not Obsidian, but Lucas Arts forever to release. Well, this should tell fans exactly where Lucas Arts stands on the KotOR series... It took Lucas Arts only a few weeks to release a content and expansion pack for Battlefront II... http://www.starwars.com/gaming/ (Read the top headline, and the main ad...) P.S. I did not know where to put this post, so if you have to move it, go right a head...)
  7. I agree... They need a long, long, long break similar to the one between Star Trek: Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. By the time Enterprise came around, Star Trek was allready making people tired.
  8. From what I have read, they are in pretty bad shape. I know they are not dead gone, but they are very close to it.
  9. We may disagree on many things, but this I have to agree. How many children watch Disney, and how many children do they influence... Yes, I agree a new look will help the franchise, but a 'A' sexual girl will only bring up more questions...
  10. For the past year, The Star Trek Franchise has been in jeopardy. As a Rodenberry Purest, I watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Original Series. After Rodenberry departed, the franchise fell into hands of people who don't understand Roddenberry's dream. Rodenberry's son was not intrested in his dad's buisness. As a son of a former buisness owner, I can understand escaping my father's legacy. Star War and Star Trek has been apart of all our lives. Within both series, they express a philosophy of deversity, adventure, psychology, literature, and possibilities. A few days ago, I received word that Paramount is being seperated into two companies. After the cancellation of Enterprise, the writers and a few actors created the show Threshold. Upon reading my email, Threshold was cancelled. Threshold was created by the same writers that made the Star Trek Franchise sink. They lack the Rodenberry Philosophy, and they are shortsighted in what the future holds. ABC was the original owners of Star Trek, and several of us are hoping they will return home. ABC is an affiliate of Paramount, and they are also a part of the breakup. If you have been paying attention, there is a television network called UPN. A few days ago, I did some research into why they are changing their name to 'U'. It turns out that Paramount Network is departing the relationship with their partners. Paramount disagrees with the new TV lineup, which is focused on a specific group of people. From what I understand, Paramount wants to catter to all walks of life. However, the other owners 'United', the 'U' in 'UPN', don't want to cross bounderies. Star Trek was cancelled because of this new direction. Next, the WWE is not being renewed for 2006. Because of this massive mess, Star Trek's fate is now on a string. StarTrek.com's designers and edditors are fighting to keep the site up and runing. However, they admit their future is very limited. Keep you eye out in the next few months, for their is no doubt going to be more information about Star Trek's fate... Threshold Cancelled: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/14873.html When I find the links again, I will post them here for you to read...
  11. I will probally upgrade to Vista. Even though I bought my current computer about a year and a half ago, I will no doubt buy another computer when Vista arrives. I have plans on buying a new computer in the next six to nine months, so I will be geared to go... Unfortunatly, I have to keep up with everything. If I don't stay ahead of the graphics curve, companies will look pass me to the next person. Even though I am a graphic designer, I need to keep learning, so I can over throw the next designer. I more than welcome Vista. Not because I want to, but because: If I don't, someone else will...
  12. Yeah! More gore, sespense, and meanless killings.
  13. Marimax is no longer involved with the production. Another company steped in 'Lion's Gate'. If you listen to Highlander II's and IV's commentary, they talk about being the films being yanked before production was complete. Therefore, they are products of unfinished work. Highlander IV has a Director's Cut that has horrible editing. They looped the ending, so a series of five minutes repeats over and over. The 'Source' is a trilogy, which four immortals travel to find the begginning. They are also releasing a anime Highlander, which is in horror format.
  14. When an unknown person leaves an imprint... I know this is way, way, way off topic, but it is the weirdest thing. I only had this happen a few times, even the girls I date never left this type of imprint. A week or so ago, my local video store hired a new person. I usually go there once every two weeks, or when I get into a video rental fit. You know the one where you want to rent everything new. Well, I decided to get a video, the War of the Worlds, and when I walked up to the counter, I was knocked out. Wow! Like being struck by lightening! Well, I thought it was a fluke, so I decided to return the movie early. When I walked in, I didn't see her, so I decided to look around. Within a few moments of looking, I bumped into her in one of the video setions. I think it was the horror section. At that moment, we both senced this shock. Like something striking at the soul. If customers were present, there is no doubt that they would have sensed the charge in the air. So, I carried on for a while, and rented another movie. It didn't matter that I was digging into my art supply money for the week. Tonight, I walked back into the store, returned the movie, and rented another one. When I reached the counter, "BANG" it happened again. You can tell she knows something is going on, and she gets giddy when I say 'Hi'. Now, I have this weird imprint of her in my head. Almost like it was fated.. To be continued...
  15. You can repeat that again... Highlander II was a weird one...
  16. I do enjoy playing the Lightside... I had only one very rewarding experience, but not the only fun experience, which I was a Sith Lord: Consular. If you choose a high Wisdom and (Somthing else, which I can't think of at the moment.), you can unlock a lot of Episode IV,V, & VI dialogue, which matches the relationship between the Emporer (Kreia) and Vader (Exile). However, you have to choose your dialogue very carefully. If you go to the darkside with logical selections, and not just killl everything in site, you unlock a whole new game. Kreia actually praises your downfall, and Visas becomes a sort of 'Dark Apprentice'. You can pick on Atton, and Visas and Kreia watch over him like a hawk. At the end, it is all about self preference.
  17. When I was KotOR nieve, I drained all the Jedi Knights. Then, I made a few swings at Malak. When I noticed my health dropping, I started to run in a large circle, around the bridge of the Star Forge, and I would restore my health in the process. Once I have full health, I would stop and swing at Malak again, and continue the cycle. Hit, Run, Recharge Health and Force, Hit, Run, Recharge Health and Force, etc...
  18. Highlander: The Source! For the past few years, there have been rumors. At their home website, they have acknowledged the script's existance. Now! The official website is up and runing, and it has a few new details... http://highlander-thesource.com/index.html
  19. Eddie Gurrero! God Bless You Man! He was one of the coolest entertainers in wrestling. God Bless You Man!
  20. I allways thought that was weird... When I created the Telos: Billboards Sets, I tried so hard to figure out why the ticker wasn't working... Thanks man!
  21. Dream Symbology!? I am having a hard time finding websites based upon 'Dream Symbology'. Does anyone know of any good reference sites?
  22. Cool man! I started to think about how complex that level was. There are several hidden areas, which you can't get to in game. Cool Man! THANKS MAN!!!!
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