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  1. Finally a year of waiting for an answer has come to an end! :p

    I had forgotten all about it honestly.

  2. Hey FS2. thank you for tools. check pms, have made a little alteration to your account!

  3. It's been many years...I think it fixes the 2nd issue only.

  4. Just to let you know, I sent a PM about a month ago that hasn't been read yet.


    It's about some modding tools to be added to SWK...


    Also, I have another to add to it as well, if you want to add it.

  5. Hey I just discovered your Xor plot fix and was wondering how well it works and what it does exactly. Does it fix the issue with Ziagrom never speaking to you if you talk to Xor before the Leviathan? Does it fix the issue with Xor not appearing the second time? Or does it fix both? Thanks. :)

  6. Nice! Bring me back anything good? I like cigars, or booze or just about anything honestly.. hehehe. Surprised you weren't holed up in some frigid ice cave in the middle of nowhere.. was beginning to wonder if the Yeti got ya :D


    Sounds great though, hope you had a great time!

  7. I was actually away on a Cuban beach, sipping rum...I was the one playing away while you worked :xp:



  8. While Darth333 is away, Cz will play. :devsmoke:

    I need my D3 fix stranger! :xp:



  9. Overall, I liked it. It easily had its share of moments and humor throughout and there was no sappy ending (ie "giant off switch"/deus ex machina) w/Shep riding off into the sunset. I half wonder if EA isn't behind much of the paid DLC desicions. Look at ME2, most of it cosmetic. Then charging $10 for Prothy DLC. :rolleyes: Won't be doing the MMO stuff, but there are enough angles in game to keep me playing SP for awhile. Btw, was your big Krogan Liara by any chance? :p If you find some time, maybe you could post your overall impressions of the franchise in http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209826.

  10. Yeah, I played it...I have mixed feelings. I liked the game in general but loathed the automatic dialog...and the ending...what did the Reapers err...EA do to Bioware? :argh: Not asking for a happy ending but at least something that makes some sense...


    Anyway, against all odds, I found myself playing multiplayer with a big Krogan headbutting everything in its way :p


    So, what about you?

  11. So, have you played it (ME3) yet? If so, what did you think overall?

  12. Yeah, once I decided to "cave" on Origin, the first thing I looked for was the offline button. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope all is well!

  14. @R2: No, this one is a relatively recent development. The one before this... that was D3's 'perpetual avatar'. :p

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