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  1. Oh darn it! K2 is 10 years, really? I was 29 back then, still 29 today, just like Jae!
  2. Low hanging fruit... Lolz ChAiNz...are you substracting like I do? Depending on the answer, you are either many years ahead ( I am permanently 29...*plucks first grey hair darn you! discreetly drops first grey hair on someone else's head*) or same age now Ahh good old times (jk)...
  3. Got a nice Eastern coast IMP casual guild with elite teams for those looking at having fun at all lvls - I have several 180s with set bonus. I tried to join an NIM guild but ran away...some of these nim guilds just sound like cults..."we will test you and send you in an arena an see who comes out alive"...no ty, not interested: this is a game for fun. Would move my pub toons (mainly a dps assassin 180 with 162 set bonus armor pieces and a lvling smuggler healer) to walking carpets if it wasn't so late for east coast
  4. Am nexus member too (Toutatis) will see what I can dig...
  5. Finally a year of waiting for an answer has come to an end! :p

    I had forgotten all about it honestly.

  6. Hey FS2. thank you for tools. check pms, have made a little alteration to your account!

  7. It's been many years...I think it fixes the 2nd issue only.

  8. Just to let you know, I sent a PM about a month ago that hasn't been read yet.


    It's about some modding tools to be added to SWK...


    Also, I have another to add to it as well, if you want to add it.

  9. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year though just learning about Astro's passing out has somewhat soured things up. 2013 was also not the best year for me. Hope to be back in full shape in 2014 (hopefully the gloomy news and events are over!)
  10. Like Char Ell, I have just found this thread due to a rather hectic life, often in remote regions, away from the net but not always...there were any family challenges.. I am deeply saddened by Astro's death. Always liked Astro (and most of his opinions although I can't count the times where I tried to tone down the heated debates on the forums! ). He's always been kind with me, no matter what, and I also admired how passionate he was about arts. RIP and mtfbwy Hasan. I offer you an excerpt of Mozart's unfinished Requiem
  11. Thanks, I will look into it...I've been in way too serious business lately and am way out of the loop when it comes to comp hardware...
  12. Hi all! I am currently looking into buying a decent gaming laptop I can easily carry on with me as hand luggage (along with other stuff) and was wondering if you had any suggestions? Budget has elasticity: I will look at performance/portability... I already have a decent desktop so please, don't bring the argument about how much better desktops can be for the same price: this is a comp I will be using during business travel which is about 10-15 days month and a desktop won't fit into my hand luggage (nor I would have the energy to carry it around airports)...
  13. Hey I just discovered your Xor plot fix and was wondering how well it works and what it does exactly. Does it fix the issue with Ziagrom never speaking to you if you talk to Xor before the Leviathan? Does it fix the issue with Xor not appearing the second time? Or does it fix both? Thanks. :)

  14. Connected to the net, the camera can even detect your heartbeat, it doesn't shut off so it can listen when you tell it to turn on, the DRM stuff...How much data will be sent back to MS? Am I the only one who finds it creepy? This thing is starting to sound like the telecreens in Orwells' 1984 novel:
  15. Probably messed up the results In a work environment, I hate the messages with incomplete information people send and the expectancy to get an answer within 5 minutes: it's time consuming and requires more work than a phone call or face to face meeting where you can make sure you really understand each other with the proper nuances. Besides, I am often in regions where internet access stills flows at 2-3kb/sec ( when there is access) and where there is no cell phone service.
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