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  1. Yeah! All the patch threads get closed or deleted very fast. They even hired a team of moderators to over see the clean up. With out coming off too negative, do you guys believe that I should leave the mods thread over at ObsidianEnt? Could advertising our mods there get this place caught in the backlash? I don't want to advertise this forum at OnsidianEnt if there is going to be some conflict between Lucas Arts and Obsidian. That article was focused on placing some blame... When they mentioned the time restraint that was a small shot at Lucas Arts. Very small, but could it cause some conflict? I will keep it there until I get some feedback. My loyalty is to this forums and to the great modders who make it their home, so let me hear what you think. From a newspaper ad designer perspective, we have to give our clients a clear time period for deadlines. If we were to outsource some of our ad designs, and they came back with: "Sir, we can get your ads done on time.", and then when deadline comes around they say, "If we had enough time, we could...", I would charge them for damages, for they cost us clients. Since they excepted the time frame, the outsource company would be 100% responsible. You see the oursource company would have agreed to the time frame to make a quality design. Obsidian clearly admited they said to Lucas, "Hey we can do that." Like Darth333 had mentioned, from a leagal point of view, Obsidian could be responsible for reimbursing Lucas Arts for their own errors. Its all about buisness, and not about anything else. I knew this company who outsourced a project to a freelance designer, and the designer meet the deadline. However, there were errors that he missed before it went to print. He was sued for the price of printing, time spent, and the reprinted merchandise. All total was around $150,000.00. Small company that does medium buisness. Lucas Arts is a larg company, and Obsidian could eat the cost of production for admiting their error.
  2. Give me a second to look at the settings, and I will get back to you with questions. Give me a second.
  3. Question! During the next few days, I will be making the name MacLeodCorp private. Since I have started a buisness online, I completely privatized the name. Unfortunatly, I opened up another membership here at Lucasforums.com, for I didn't see the option to change names. Could you people delete the name MacLeodCorp from the database, so I can use the newly registered screen name. Thank You, MacLeodCorp
  4. ? Ah Sorry Man! ? There are so many questions that come to mind.. Lol.....
  5. Yes! I 100% agree! Listen to Mira! You go Lady! Obsidian made one patch, which didn't fix a damn thing. Therefore, BioWare's attention to pleasing the customer is supperior. Their story is epic and much more enjoyable. There is no way in hell they are considered 50/50. I too enjoyed KotOR II, but I 100% prefered the fun, epic story, and the premise of KotOR I.
  6. Come to think about it BioWare made 80% of the game, so Obsidian had very little to do...
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of all ages: In this corner: KotOR I - Created by BioWare from the ground up. Every small detail created by BioWare. And in the other corner: KotOR II - Base engine created by BioWare, base clothes created by BioWare. Story and small additions created by Obsidian. BioWare wins by default!!! KotOR I didn't need new features, for it was the first of its kind. KotOR I had a complete and comprehensive story. Side quests in KotOR I were not necessary for the main story to be played. KotOR I just kicked but!!!
  8. KotOR II: The Outer Rim: Battle of the Sith KotOR III will begin or end on Yavin IV. If the game starts on Yavin IV: Revan will be your PC again, and this time you are going to fight the ancient Sith. You will find the spirit of Exar Kun on Yarvin IV, and he will explain to you where to find the Sith. Again, as the PC Revan, you will journey to the outer rim. At some point you will meet up with the Exile, which who will become your Apprentice. However, the Exile will turn against you, for you have choosen the darkside, or the Exile will join you through till the end. If the game ends on Yavin IV: Revan will be your PC again, and this time you are going to fight the ancient Sith. You will journey to the outer rim. At some point you will meet up with the Exile, which whom will become your Apprentice. However, the Exile will turn against you, for you have choosen the darkside, or he/she will join you through till the end. All the clues through the game will be from facing Sith Masters who trained using ancient Sith teachings. They will be the toughest yet. After you assembled all the clues together, they will lead to Exar Kun on Yavin IV in the Old Jedi Onclave. At that point in the game, your Apprentice will either turn against you, or he will join with you inorder to kill off a group of vicious Sith, which whom have studied from old Sith teachings. It will be explained that the Sith have been hidding on Yavin IV, for they knew the Jedi Masters would not search for them there. You will confront the spirit of Exar Kun, which he will try one last time to take over the galaxy. I believe he will aid another Dark Lord, whom is still alive, and this new Dark Lord will betray him. In the confussion, Revan will defeat this new Dark Lord, kill all the present Sith, and abandon the Yavin IV OnClave, and the only being left living will be the Spirit of Exar Kun. I also think there will be an air battle, but I can't connect the dots... Premise of the game will be to collect information about the 'True Sith' teachings, prepare Revan and The Exil, and to find a hidden OnClave. http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/exarkun/eu.html (According to the database, which is considered canon, Exar Kun's spirit resides on Yavin IV.) (Sorry if my grammar is off tonight, for I am on some heavy alergy medication.)
  9. Yeah! Somtimes I do read too much into things... lol... I just noticed this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=150539&page=1&pp=40 The above link, which is linked to several others is an example of people trying to start fires. If you don't hear it from Lucas Arts, then I would take everything as just rumor.
  10. I think the writer of the article wanted to start a fire. When I read the article, the writer never commented on other facial expressions. If we know how he reacted to the other questions, then we can draw a conclusion about his answer to KotOR III. Since we all have experience with outsider sources, (GameBanshee & ObsidianEnt), I can conclude that their actions were solely for self promotion. How did I conclude this: 1. Obsidian promised a game patch, but Lucas Arts didn't release one. 2. GameBanshee released an article, which were based upon Obsidian's comments, which turned out not to be true. Irony, it is about the same subject. The only people we have not heard from, in great detail, is Lucas Arts. However, you are right. "That's a great idea. [Poker face]" is not an indication, but rather a questionable answer. [Poker face] <--- This reaction could also be based upon, 'oky lets move on to the next subject'. I really don't think Lucas Arts was happy with Obsidian's product, and I think they are trying to distance themselves from Obsidian. There is something strange in the air... You also have to remember, when you look at the KotOR II files, with the KotOR Tool, you will find most of them are labled: BioWare. I am beginning to think that Lucas Arts was unhappy with Obsidian, and they decided: "Hey! Since your not building a new product, from the ground up, I want you to release it on this date." Otherwords, we hired you to make a new KotOR, but you went against our expectations... Another thought, which just came to mind. Lucas Arts could be unhappy with the fact that Obsidian released a game with a poor quality visual and audio files. When ObsidianEnt made a patch for them, Lucas Arts was probally pissed. Since the sound and visual files are essential, and core elements in game development, this would be the final blow to Obsidian's reputation. Otherwords, Lucas Arts is keeping a closed lid on KotOR III, for they want Obsidian to disapear. Since Lucas Arts is closed mouthed, Obsidian keeps damaging their reputation by making false statements. Obsidian is damaging themselves now, and Lucas Arts is pulling away from them.
  11. Truthfully, I believe ObsidianEnt. will not be the one to make KotOR III. If I can place a bet on it, I think BioWare will return to the helm. ObsidianEnt is allways getting involved with the public, for they try to control their PR. If you want to learn more about KotOR III, I would go to the people who are in charge 'Lucas Arts'. I learned through my experiences that you should go to the source. If the horse's mouth doen't say anything, then everything else is speculation, rumor, or a public relations stunt to win over a contract.
  12. Here is a theory: 1. KotOR III will be released in 2007/2008. 2. KotOR III is being worked on secretly, but with a small team. 3. KotOR III will have a new game engine, which is similar to "Empire at War". 4. KotOR III is probally being built from the ground up. 5. KotOR III will be available for XBOX 360 and PC only. 6. KotOR III will be more cinematic than KotOR I. 7. KotOR III will be based upon Revan only, and you will have a new team to pick from. Since the Exile is dead at the end of KotOR II, you will not see him or her in KotOR III.
  13. Man! Even thought KotOR I has been out for more than a year, KotOR II still got it's but kick from the original. At least BioWare is still kicking Obsidian's tail.
  14. If Empire at War is an indication of direction, I think the engine will be built from the ground up.
  15. I agree with Darth333. Jade Empire should have won! Plus, most of the KotOR II elements were written by BioWare. ObsidianEnt didn't have too much work for themselves, and they road the tails of BioWare to get the award. Quite literally. IMO if Bioware created KotOR II in their vision, then the game would have kicked but.
  16. Up until I read that list, I really was looking forward to watching G Phoria. Now, I know who wins, so why do I want to watch!?!? That stinks! What a major spoiler. I wasn't expecting a list of the winners to be posted online, and now there is no reason for me to watch the show... Bummer!
  17. GTA is a really fun game, but the main problem is: Do stores card people? When I go to my local Best Buy or EB, I see kids walking out with M rated games. No carding happens. So, who is to blame for kids getting a hold of the game: 1. The Parents. 2. The Stores. Parents should monitor what their children buy. Store owners should be vigillant, and start carding kids who are under 18. Especially when they know the game carries an M rating. Since the code was allready in game, the creators of GTA should have known modders would restore this. But, it still all comes down to parents and store owners.
  18. I completely agree. Expansion Pack will incude: -Cut Content -Music & Sound Patch -Technical Fixes Price: $20/$25 If they bundle it up with missing stuff and patches for KorORI, the the price will be around: $39/$45. When I looked at the source for the 'Galaxy Map' there were listings for 'Live Content' and two other unknown planets. My theory is that they will at least restore some of the all ready known missing content. I know it sounds nieve, but I would buy an 'Expansion Pack' if they released it. Why not! Missing content and tech fixes alone would be worth the purchase. Theoratically!
  19. If I was a Sith, my music theme would be "Forclosure of a Dream' by Megadeth. If I was a Jedi, my music theme would be the music played in the 'Two Towers' for the scene where you enter 'Rohan'. (Sp!?) Some 'Irish' or 'Scottish' music with violin.
  20. What I got from the ending was that:
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