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  1. I have the same feeling, and everyone thinks I am nuts. Look who I am friends with... I started to have this feeling that Lucas Arts decided to create an 'Expansion Pack', which includes: Cut content, bug fixes, and the movie & sound patch. If you combind them all together, you get a really nice 'Expansion pack'. Your idea ChaNz.2da sounds a little better than mine, which I am beginning to think they will create a 'Dual Pack' for PCs. 'KotOR I & II' in a single case with revamped stuff. Like how Diablo, SimCity 4000, and other had done. Since the sound and movie files are so big, why not a 'Expansion Pack' or 'Dual Pack'...
  2. I cannot imagine how this game will be played. It looks liike a multi-level game. Characters look outstanding. Can't wait untill February. I wonder how close you can zoom into the action?
  3. GHOST IN THE SHELL :bounc5::bounc5::bounc5:
  4. From where I stand, I think it is pretty much boken down like this: KotOR I - has the better epic-Star Wars stlye story. KotOR II - has slightly better graphics, and a few tweaks that are cool.
  5. Tom Clancey did something like this with the Rainbow Six games. After several other releases, they decided to make 'gold' and 'platinum' editions. Unlike their latest conundrum: Athens Sword and Revan Sheild. They built an expansion pack, which gave very little to the game.
  6. First, congrats to ChaiNz.2da the 'Laughing Man'... What type of artistic license are you allowed with starwarsknights.com?
  7. Yes! A battle that I will be proud of!
  8. 'Knights of the Old Republic III: The Outer Rim" What do I want to see: 1. I like those Sith from 'KotOR I'. 2. If they do the robes thing again, I hope the bottom of the robes drag. I think the floating thing is weird. 3. At this point, my character would be so powerful that I would want a Jesus PC. 4. I want an epic animated ending, and not that dialogue crap. Dialogue is good during the game, but in the end?? 5. How about being allowed to bring your 'KotOR I' Revan into 'KotOR III'. Instead of starting over, just bring the saved character right into the next game. 6. How about two PCs: One PC will be your 'Revan' character, and the other will be your 'Exile'. However, you get to pick the head pieces for each, and not the game. 7. No gender specific 'Revan' or 'Exile'. You choose at the beginning the name and how they look. 8. No gender specific recruiting. 9. 'Battle Meditation' that works. 10. Lightsaber at the beginning of the game. 11. Force powers such as 'Persuade' that works. Since the influence thing ran the game, Persuading characters was not an option. 12. I want a bad guy, which is difficult to kill, and is intellegant as Grand Admeral Thrawn. 13. I was ships to blow up. 14. Turrent games. 15. Side quests that run between planets, which are worth my travel time. 16. Bonuses. 17. I want really sweet or powerful items after I kick a main character's but, and not that randomizer. However, the randomizer is good for everything else. Otherwords, if I put the time in kicking someone's but, I don't want random items, I want an item worth fighting for. Something to help my story. 18. I want storage units back on the Ebon Hawk. 19. When things blow up, I want garbage to fly. Debri and everything. 21. I want to have fun, and not have to worry about too much dialogue. 22. Tantooine, Dantooine, Taris, HK Factory, Droid Planet, Sith Masters against Jedi Masters. 23. I want an epic war to play out in the middle fo game play, which is so epic that I cry. 24. I want a revelatioon that I never saw coming, but was hinted to throughout my game play. 25. I want a 'Padawan'. To bend to my will...
  9. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (From Foxboro/Mansfied/Easton, MA)
  10. Sorry man! I keep getting mixed up. I will pay more attention!
  11. I at the beginning of making a 'Droid Planet' mod. Would you mind if I utilize your post in finding Kaah's mental state? Personality Trait!
  12. I am with Redhawk on this one. Even though I like football... Ah! My home team: New England Patriots.. Ah!!! Lol... However, I don't like any other sports!
  13. ....and then there was this: http://www.gamebanshee.com/news/static/EEkpyppEylbOkdFbNo.php Which took place last week. I had a discussion with the owner of the site, and he assured me that the article was true.. I made a statement, which questioned the reliability of his information, and he raced to the thread at Obsidian to argue it out. I apologized, so I could just get rid of him... I still question is reliability.... lol... His online forums name is BuckSatan... Now, how can I trust a guy with that name!?!?!?
  14. Ah!!!! Orlson Wells & Lenord Nemoy! Oh wait, this is the new movie, which is LIVE ACTION.... Out freakin' standing!
  15. Obsidian's Invisible Music & Movie Patch! It it real?
  16. I liked Stargate SG-1's beginning, for it did feel like Star Trek the Original Series. But, they drove it to levels, which repetitiveness begins to become taxing. As for SciFi, I used to like a lot of it, but lately many new shows are just repetitive banter. Andromeda (sp?) is a Roddenberry tv show that doesn't feel like Roddenberry, and I think it is a waiste of my time. Season one and two of 'Earth Final Conflict' were really good, but I had a hard time sticking with a show that killed off main characters, and the story outline was repeated for about a hundred times. X-Men I & II were really good, but Fantastic Four is another repeate, and you can tell they came from the same company. Not to mention 'Mutant-X', which is the most horribly acted show on Earth. Up until recently, I thought Batman would never reach their novel level. Batman Begins was the best. I like SciFi with a touch of humanistic truth. At the moment, I am waiting for 'Underword II'. When I watched the first 'Underword', I thought it beat the hell out of the Crow. Ah the repeativite series 'The Crow'... THey like to repeate things alot, and I hope they never release 'The Corw IV'. Eventhough I know it has been done for years now. Now, the biggest mistake in the history of SciFI. 'Highlander IV' Up untill 'Highlander III', the TV series and movie series rocked, but 'Highlander IV' and "Highlander: The Raven' made me sick. Now, 'Highlander: The Source' is in production, but it does not involve a MacLeod. Therefore, I will have to wait untill it hits rentals. My over all favorite, would you believe is 'The Time Machine' both the 1960s version and the recent.
  17. None in the pole. My favorite guitarist is Dave Mustaine.
  18. I like Stargate: Sg-1, but everything they did was taken from Star Trek the Original Series, and I mean everything. Stargate: Atlantis is very dry, and is a Star Trek the Next Generation stealing tv show. Battlestar Galactica is lame, but it is written and produced by some of the original producers and writters of Star Trek the Original Series and Next Generation. Therefore, I like Star Trek, but I don't like Star Trek rip offs!
  19. I see one flaw, and all the ladies will agree. Never, ever, ever call a lady "Mame"... lol...
  20. Extensive Cut Content! When you go through the files of KotOR II, you will find some extensive cut content. I mean stuff that goes beyond: The LOst Droid Planet & The HK Factory. For some of you, this is probally not news. There are characters missing, which their elements still exists in the game. I will go through the characters, and make a small list. Force_Zombie (Animated facial features included) Kevin's Droid_Assassin (From the promotionals) Jedi_Master_4H (Missing Jedi Master!) There are Sith characters from KOTOR I. Why have we not gotten into this stuff? There is truck loads of cut characters and content, which go past the Droid Planet and HK Factory! This one is going into the Jedi Sanctuary: Jedi_Master_4H (Missing Jedi Master!)
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