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  1. Super Moderator! Cool Deal!!! Nice Work!!
  2. Yes! If you are a person who needs it, 'Right Guard' all the way!!
  3. If you feel relaxed, then she will feel relaxed. A tuck shirt is nerdish. Also, try to wear colors you are comfortable in, but not tan, brown, or anything from the brownish catagory. If you wear something with stripes, it better be a flannel... Oh, one more thing, do not, and I repeat, do not wear the following clone, for they make you smell like your dad or your grandfather: Old Spice Brute Find something that will drive them nuts!
  4. Vertabrea is part of the human anatomy. Your spinal cord sits within it, and various nerves and organs fit around it. Another name for the bumps you feel in your back!
  5. There is something wrong when that happens... I have some stuff, but not a moving truck full... That is not right! Now I can't get those cars out of my head... Someone should write a letter!
  6. I have to check the spelling. Vertebrea!?
  7. Damit! I am too seasoned!!! Lets see: 1. I have been asked by a female to marry her. Answered No! 2. I have asked a female to marry. She answered Yes! 3. I dated many people, back to back, and I still can't get it right. 4. I dated 20 something females in ten years, and I still don't understand them. Even thought I have a record, it doesn't mean that I know anything about them. However, the best advice is be yourself. Be a genuine gentilemen. Don't tuck in your shirt. Have confidence. Be real allways. Articulate correctly, and make sure she is intellegent. I love intellegent and strong females, for they know what they want, they carry the best intellectual conversations, and they have a great personality. Some of them look gothic or buisness dressed, and that just rocks! Example: NCIS's Abbey and Kate! Thats my prefference!
  8. Since I completely destroyed the topic of this thread, I have to say sorry to the thread opener. Now back to our regularly schedulled program!!! Fantastic Four!
  9. I did some research about this Sciencetology Religion, and I have to say: What the hell are they thinking?" From what I understand is that they made a religion based upon logical reasoning. Now, logical reasoning is something that every human being does automatically. I do this all the time when I go to school. You shut off your emotions, focus on what is logical, and dismiss what is illogical. It is a human ability, and these psychos made a religion out of it. When I studied Psychology and Abnormal Psychology, they get you to think in this manner. Sciencetology is a waste of time, money, and your soul. If you want to learn their techniques, but not loose your sence of self, pick up a book called, "General Psychology".
  10. I am going to do some study on Sciencetology, and see what they are about. From a very far distance... I have to agree with ChaiNz.2da on his point of veiw about the Fantastic Four... Their relationship is a little creeopy...lol..
  11. As a former Marvel Comicbook collector, I was never into the Fantastic Four. I don't like the character chemistry, and it seemed like a stripped down verison of XMen. However, I know that the Fantastic Four came out first in comicbooks. At the moment, I am waiting for the golden child of Marvel to come to the big screen. From what I can tell the "Ghost Rider" will be out soon. Nicholos Cage as "Ghost Rider"... Fantastic Four is not for everyone, but I do respect the people who like it. Now, "War of the Worlds"... I know the movie is probally good, but what spoiled it for me was Tom Cruise. Tom has a big mouth. If Tom and other actors would just act, and keep their mouths shut, then I can enjoy more movies. However, Tom seems to have a hidden issue, which is slowly coming to the surface. I bet you: If you watch his transformation over the next few years, you will see a more negative attitude. There is something hidden. He has 'Katie Holmes' followed by a Sciencetology, spelling!?!?, representitive. From what I gather is that the representitive is there to monitor what Katie says. Something big is hidden in Tom's life, and I can't put a face on it. Something dark... Please note: Tom gives Steven credit for the story.. "War of the Worlds" was originally created on the radio by 'Orson Wells'. I can't spell his first name right!!
  12. I can only see 12 posts in Holowan Laboratories! There are no options to see the other posts or the past 24 any way! Does anyone else have this problem?
  13. Agreed! It great to be back! So much updating to do! Good Deal! Great Job!
  14. I have two computers. One for internet use and the other for buisness, gamming, and modding. Since my files are on another computer, I transfer my work by memory stick. Nothing lost in the reinstall. I can afford to loose the internet computer to foolish things, but my other computer is too full with important information to risk an internet connection... Stand Alone Complex!
  15. I am having the same problems as well. I thought it was my computer, so I reformated and reinstalled everything. When I came back online, to Lucasforums.com, I noticed the same problem. I get: Database Error Or Page Does Not Exist 401 Error
  16. Has anyone opened the door? Is there a certain door file, like the one on Telos, which you can at least open and walk around?
  17. My very first RPG??? Metal Gear (The Original) Final Fantasy (The Original) I think it was a tie... I remember buying them at the same time, but I can't remember which one I played first. My very first RPG with paper and dice??? Vampire The Masqurade I came into the RPG Table Top very late!
  18. Star Trek is not for everyone. Star Trek is based upon English Literature, Fables, and Greek Philosophy. There are other literary connections, but the above I mentioned are the most pronounced. In Star Trek, they base their stories around the human condition, but from a deverse perspective. They usually dedicate storyarchs on an alien's culture, politics, and philosophies. Within Star Trek, politics, cultures, and philosophies collide. Star Trek has, by the end of 2007, Eleven Movies, and 700 tv episodes, five series, and a short tv series based upon the very first Captain Christopher, and a OTS Cartoon. They are talking about another series, but it will not premeire untill sometime in 2008. More humanoid alien based. Designed to please people who are highly educated and/or military in nature. Star Wars is not for everyone, I like Star Wars, but I use it as an exscape from Star Trek. In Star Wars you only have six movies, and a few specials based upon: Jedi, Sith, Ewokes, Republic, Empire, and Cartoons. Within Star Wars there is a universal government and boundries in deversity and cultures are never explored. Star Wars has a philosophy of Good vs. Evil. Star Wars has been dominate in the game world. Deverse in alien culture, but it does not get into specifics in movies. Designed for people from every walk of life. I may have gotten these details wrong, but I am sure I am close! ------------------------------------------------ When watching the movies, and tv series, the cultures that you are intensly exposed to are: Star Trek: 1. Vulcan 2. Romulan 3. Frengi 4. Humanity 5. Klingon 6. Zindi 7. Borg (Mix Species) 8. Dominion 9. The Founders 10. Marquie (Mix Species Group) 11. Bajorin 12. Cardasion 13. Andorian 14. To only to name a few... (Within the world of Star Wars movies, books, and tv series, each culture is explored politically, philosophically, culturaly, and moraly.) Star Wars: 1. Jedi 2. Sith 3. Mandalorians 4. Republic 5. Empire (Within Star Wars book, movies, and lack of tv series, you never get into species specific cultures, philosophies, politically, or moraly. You just have Good Vs. Evil, and all the boundries are allready covered.) Star Wars is entertaining, but it doesn't have that sense of logic that Star Trek has. What is Yoda's species? Where did Yoda originally come from? Who was Yoda's master? What is Yoda's culture like? Up until Eposode I, there was very little talk about the 'Metaclorians'... What are they? How do people convince them to allow you to move objects? Why are they the key to the force? Obese are resistant to the force. Why are they resistant? Do they have a culture, politics, or sense of being? As you can tell, Star Wars doesn't get into the specifics. Thats why people like Star Trek, for it is closser to our own reality than Star Wars. However, Star Wars is great because it is an excape from reality.
  19. When Roddenberry passed away, Star Trek continued for another 10 to 15 years. What the last episode of "Enterprise" reminded me was, there were no other Star Trek show that carried the opening. The Original Series and Next Generation opennings were added to the show by Roddenberry himself. Yeah, someday Star Trek will be back, but no Star Trek won't be back. Roddenberry's philosophy will carry on in some form or manner, but it will never be exactly the same. Roddenberry was mostly intrested in the human experience/condition. He also wanted to make money, but what drove Roddenberry was to bring a message that told the world, "We are better than what we appear to be. Regardless of our deversity we must better our selves.". Lucas's message is "We are a deverse culture, but we all have two sides. It is what you do with those sides that could ultimatly save or destroy you." Someday, the movies will be gone, through Lucas's philosophy. Someone else may take on the reigns to continue, but the philosophy will be quite different. I can actually see Star Wars become more like "Trek" where they start to look at what makes a good humanbeing fall, or what strives a humanbeing to do good. The Human Condition! ------------------------------- Star Trek II: - The ending was quite clear: "Possibilities!" Star Wars could never kill off a main character in a way that reflects self sacrifice for the many, and make it stick in such a manner that it "Echos" even today! Spock: - "Ship out of danger?" Kirk: - "Spock you save the ship!" Spock: - "I never took the Kilvorachimarou. What do you think of my solution?" Kirk: - (Speachless) Spock: - "It is logical." Kirk: - "Spock?" Spock:- "The needs of the many..." Kirk: - "Outway the needs of the few." Spock: - "Or the one... (Lift hand in Vulcan greeting) Live long and prosper."
  20. How we go to this point in SciFi! A few moments ago, I watched the last "Star Trek" tv series come to an end. While it was around, I checked in from time to time. Just like KOTOR II, I had a negative/positive oppinion about that franchise. One day, the Star Wars movies and games will come to an end. KOTOR II is a product of a long journey, which started about 27 years ago. At the moment, the problems with this game has faded away in my opinion. I could careless about its flaws now. Not because it is helpless to wait for a fix, but because there will be a day that there will be no more Star Wars games. Obsidian took up the reigns from BioWare, and they have given us their version of the second part of the story. Some of us will like it, and some of us will not. When it is all said and done, and many years latter, we will either apprechiate their effort or we will simply forget what they did. At the end of this up coming summer, two thing will be certain about KOTOR II and Star Wars. One being, they were apart of our Star Wars experience. The other, we will gain a better perspective to the Star Wars franchise. For many years, I have been a 'Trek', 'Wars', and now 'Gate' fan. Every once and a while, there will be a game released, which will captivate hundreds of fans. No doubt, KOTOR II is one of those games. As the final "Star Wars' movie gets ready for release, don't forget where this all started, for someday it all ends... What KOTOR II, Star Wars, and Trek has done can bee seen across all these forums. At ObsidianEnt, LucasArts, StarTrek.com, LucasForums, and Pcgamemods.com there is something happening, which derived from the philosphies that stems from this form of entertainment. Something that many of us don't stop and think about. They bring us together. Instead of being seperate, we who are devirse in creed, gender, nationality, ages, eithics, and econimics gather in these places to share an experience. Through our individual perspectives, we have developed a unique commanality. We are all human...
  21. KOTOR I - When you know a game is good! Just the other day, I watched a quick recap of a KOTOR I preview, which aired about a year and a half ago. What is intresting is that I have not played KOTOR I for about a year now. I even erased the game from my harddrive. Since I played the game about a hundred times, I thought it would be appropriate to remove the game. Okay, get back to the subject... Well, I was watching the game clip, and the most weird thing happend, which has not happened in a long time. I got chills... When you watch Star Wars for so many years, the impact of the movies you watch a hundred plus times fades away, but a KOTOR I preview gave me chills. I started to remember 'Bastilla's' theme music. Music from both her first appearance and her gracious fall to the darkside. The preview reminded me of why I liked KOTOR and what makes the game the most enjoyable since I can remember. During the preview, there was a moment where Malak says, "Wipe the pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy". Wow... After that statement, moments of KOTOR I started to flood back. At one point, I was overwhelmed with various moments as I played as, the not known then, the infamous Revan. Walking on Narshadaa doesn't compare to "The Unknown" planet, not because it is bad, but because the impact 'The Unknown' planet left was an important even in KOTOR lore... I can truely apprechiate the hard work "BioWare" had put into a masterpiece. What are your thouhgts?
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