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  1. Yeah, I could make God as an 'Obi-Wan' spirit, and he could give Jesus lessons on teaching the force to Padawan Christian children. I would change the name of 'The Power of the Force' to 'The Power of the Grail"
  2. Atris is hot! Pissed off at you for ditching her and the Jedi. Ditching her? Come to think about it, why didn't they give a little background to the relationship? Background idea: Walking on Taris or Telos, watching Carth get his ass kicked by a white hair Jedi Cutie... Thats the ticket!! As I walk by, Atris and I make contact, and its perfection at first punch! LOL:D
  3. The Ultimate Mod for KOTOR! Now, the media allways compaires Star Wars to christianity. Therefore, I was thinking about creating the perfect mod! The Jesus Jedi Mod! As Jesus, you will be able to take back the Ten-Commandments from the evil Roman Empire! So, what do you think? LOL
  4. Okay, I am going to tackle this post in a manner, which I believe is the best way I can... As a novel writter, freelance, I go through many revisions. Some revisions get canned, and others get tweeked to hell. If I ever have fans of my work, in the future that is, I would listen to their ideas. However, it is my story and no one can take that a way from me. I create, packaged, and sold my story to thousands. Yes, I owe it to my fans to be original, fresh, and commited to the realm I create. However, I have a story to tell. I want to tell the story, and I want people to buy my books. However, I am a critique. Being placed into a unique position, I know for a fact some people will like my ideas, and other people will hate my ideas. Lucas maybe writting and creating some horrible stuff, but he lives by: "This is my story, my work, my style, and I have something to share." <----There is nothing wrong with that! Yeah, I am one of those critique artists who are hard on judging people, but I allways know... If I don't like it, I will not buy it!
  5. Yeah, they do exist! I found out the hard way when I created a few mods and posted them up at pcgamemods.com. Now, I am going through all of my mods, so they can be worn by both gender. Since I made a few of my mods on the female gender, I was asked by a few female game players to make them for the men... I hope they grace us with their continued presence! They are the most complex species, but you have to respect a female who likes to play RPG!
  6. Hummmmm!??!?!?!? What is interesting is, the ladies of Lucasforums and pcgamemods don't have posts like this. Hummmmm!??!?!?!? Okay Ladies, lets here it! Which do you perfer: 1. Disiple 2. Carth 3. Malak 4. Mr. Vook 5. Zenbar 6. Dustil 7. Other....
  7. Originally posted by Boba Rhett "I bet there's a flaccid genitalia right in the center of her forehead." What the hell is wrong with you! Everything is going mad. That is just wrong man. Everyone has all these tasteful images, and you had to come around and juest abou, just about shatter the moment... What the hell is wrong with you! --------------------------------- Yeah, I am still thinking about those long walks on the the beach of Malacore V, the firehail splatting the surface in the background, other Sith screaming from the collusion with my lightsaber, and my Jedi companion Atris by my side as we fight to become Sith Lords... Yeah.... Those were the days!!!
  8. I would take Bastilla anyday, but I think Atris is more my style. Yeah, I like the darkside ones! I can see it now: Long walks on the beach of Malacore V, firehail falling to the surface, and my favorite Dark Jedi, Atris, joining my side as I slash my way to the Darkside.
  9. I am a Christian with no religious intrest. Otherwords, I believe in the Christian way of life, but I do not believe that a religious sect can define my beliefs. As for people who are atheist, if people tell you that it's a bad choice to be atheist, then tell them they don't know what they are talking about. Religion is a difficult thing at times, and making any choice about: 1. Do I believe there is a creator?, 2. Does something greater than humanity exist?, 3. How can someone die for my sin?, is a very complex issue to decide if it is right for you. As a Christian, I was a Catholic between the ages of 1-19. At the moment I am in my upper 20s, and I have done alot of research. For the most part, I am having a hard time believing that my life was allready laid out for me. However, it is all subjective.
  10. Yeah, Bloodlines is a pretty good RPG. There are small glitches here or there, but there are multiple endings, which is pretty cool. Very limited equipment though.
  11. If the KOTOR girls were real, who would you ask out? 1. Mira (Easy on the eyes! Spunky!) 2. Bastilla (Depression problems!) 3. Visas (She would agree by saying: My life is yours! At least shes easy!) 4. PC Character (Sigmond Freud would have something weird to say about this choice!) 5. Kreia (@!#$.... Wisdom and years of experience!) 6. Mission (Love those teeny buppers!) 7. Handmaiden (That haircut may get in the way of the relationship!) 8. Twin Suns (Wow, a two for one deal! Hey wait, I think they would kill me after they were done!) 9. Ice (At least she won't give up!) 10. The Taris Sith Receptionist (Hey she would date anyone for $50) 11. Juannie (Mispelled) (I like those stripes! There has to be something said about bisexuals!) 12. The Dantoinne Female Salvanger (Something about grayhair and her voice that rocks! Yack!) 14. Telos Twelik Slave (I think you would have to pay for her, but the green skin rocks!) 15. Dantooine's Female Leader (I think the forehead will have an impact on the relationship.) 17. Atris (If she can only tame that temper! Wait, I like the bad ones!) 18. Bastilla's Mother (Yack!) 19. Female Korriban Sith Student in KOTOR I (I dare!) 20. Uthora (Mispelled?) (After you show your dominance and take over the sith academy, she will see things your way!) 21. Jabba's Twelik (Well, after you have one Twelik, I don't think you'll go back!) 22. Telos Exchange Receptionist (Force Persuade: Come to me! Nah, too easy with the weak mind!) So, who do you pick?
  12. Actually, does anyone think that GoTo just stinks.. He has no place in the KOTOR series, which makes any scense. "I want you to save the Republic."....What the hell! That was a waiste of my time on Nashadaa!
  13. After the creation of KOTOR II, Obsidian had problems with negotiations with Lucas Arts for a KOTOR III. Therefore, KOTOR III was in hiatus. There was no question that another would be created, but when is the answer. If you go to the link I provided, you will see a timeline of when events of KOTOR occured in the Star Wars series. What I didn't know was that other events, not in the KOTOR series, have been previously established. Therefore, I thought people would be intrested in seeing the whole picture. KOTOR is not the only series, which was based on events that occures 4,000 years before Episode I.
  14. When I was visiting another site, I found the following link, which may bring the KOTOR series into the fold of Star Wars. http://www.answers.com/topic/dates-in-star-wars If you felt that KOTOR II was a sequal in a trilogy then you may be correct. In the attached link there are spoilers, and a summary of the Star Wars universe. From the beginning to the end. I thought you will all be intrested in the information. -------- My thoughts on KOTOR II may have been premature. After I reead the above link, KOTOR II started to make some sence. Therefore, I retract my opinion on the storyarch of the game, and wait an see the series through to the end. Keep Modding, MacLeodCorp
  15. When I try to alter the inventory for placeables, I hit the inventory options in the choice of placeabel, and then KOTOR Tool either crashes or gives me an error. I am trying to alter the inventory of a KOTOR II placeable.
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