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  1. I'd like the party to be different, there were opposites with Kotor 1 and 2. For example Carth Onasi - (first guy you meet again) Bastilla - Kreia Wookie - Wookie Blue girl with wookie - Bounty hunter girl in kotor 2 Its all just a similar crew. Also mounts would be cool. Speeders etc.
  2. lol, nice pic. I think it looks like... Darth Vader without the mask.
  3. I dont remember anything about talking to Atton about Revans gender or anything.
  4. Ghost Recon 2 rocks, especially with xbox live (i was in the top 100 in world rankings )
  5. i meant sun, i just mis-typed it :S
  6. You can use photoshop or paintshop to make them. I use photoshop personally. The sig im using atm isnt very good for me, it was just a quick one for these forums.
  7. I did all that and yer, i eventually just got the message thanx.
  8. Well ive found a killed all the exchange i can..
  9. Oh right ok, i've been all around and annoyed them loads but for some reason still not enough, shall i pay the small guy 2000 credits to tell them im waiting or whatever it is?
  10. Is it worth going to another planet in the mean time?
  11. I'm trying to find Goto and kill him for the Hutt but i just can't find him anywhere, whereabouts is he? Also, i rescued some man's wife and he gave me a lightsaber.. bit weird..
  12. Yay did it, i ran away with my main character then chucked LOADS of nades at them and ran off for 1 on 1's with the last few
  13. ok, i rescued him but coming out of the cave there are 5-6 mercs who just dont die.
  14. But it said it was caved in... I didnt mean the council either, i meant finding the one Jedi from the council on dantooine which im meant to do.
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