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  1. When i first started without Legendary status in anything....4....but now its up to 7-8
  2. It would be so easy to get the Demolitions title (the one with the rocket launcher) over and over, since after you earn it once you could just sit by an ammo droid and fire guided rocket after guided rocket hitting vehicle critical hit points easily
  3. Play Galactic Conquest and attack Endor when theres a fleet stationed there
  4. You JUST beat SWBF? I don't mean to be cruel, but thats kind of sad. The missions aren't exactly hardcore, they're basically just instant action
  5. Odd....are you sure you have cookies enabled?
  6. Well, I've officially opened the clan forums for members. The forums aren't quite done, I need to add some new buttons and emoticons and there are several things that need to be tweaked, but in a whole we are ready for members! Join us as soon as you can! For those who don't know, Rogue Squadron is a fun clan for Star Wars Battlefront II that focuses on improving your skill through a ranking system. We play all sides, and all classes. Each member is required to play at least one a month. We are have just started and are working on integrating ourselves into the community. For those who don't want to join, swing by our forums anyway, for the latest up-to-date Battlefront news and downloads. Already we have links to two Battlefront II mods posted on our site, with more to come. Hope to see you there! Rogue Squadron Forums
  7. What kind of custom maps would you guys like to see for SWBF 2? My list would go something like this -Original Bespins -Original Geonosis -Original Rhen Vars -Mustafar Space (from GC) - Coruscant Space(from GC) - Coruscant land map that deals with the city, not the temple - Cato Neimoidia - Saleucami (where Stass Allie was shot off her speederbike during Order 66)
  8. Hunt Mode against Gungans is impossible...in a minute all my allies have gotten blown up by grenades
  9. ARC-170. I also like the Tri-fighter missiles
  10. Don't worry, Im sure its just subliminal messaging telling us all to buy Star Wars merchendise. Say, I really need to buy some new action figures....
  11. Yeah, its impossible to play them early game because the Auto-turrets just blast you out of the sky
  12. Angarah

    Dagobah in GC

    I have been playing Galactic Conques with the clones, and have so far I have conquered Tatooine, Mygeeto, Felucia, Coruscant, Naboo, Geonosis, Yavin and a couple others I can't remember. The enemy only has Dagobah, Polis Massa and Mustafar left. I attacked Dagobah with one of my fleets, using the Garrison bonus (when your reinforcement count gets to low it adds about 30 to it). Yet I simply cannot beat Dagobah. It is the only map I ever have problems with, and my teammates are so dumb that I always get down to one or two CP's with hordes of droids spilling in. I have been playing pretty well in my own opinion, certainly no worse than on other planets, but I cannot win, even with extra reinforcements. The enemy is using the energy boost bonus, which is pretty sad. Any ideas on how I can get past this swamp hell-hole?
  13. I get my insane ideas from IA where the AI is too stupid to hit a barn door, much less a Droid Gunship. So take a Gunship out flying, and I pity the fool who flys in front of you...and if you got a Republic Starfighter on your tail, just slow down, and it will run in to your shiny metal ass.
  14. GUNSHIP. Republic Starfighter can't really do much damage to a bomber, even with homing missiles. Also a Gunship with support can take out anything
  15. The CIS Strike Bomber is too good at dogfighting. Its shots never overheat, and it can knock out an ARC-170 in two shots. The only thing more powerful than that is the Droid Gunship, which knocks them out in one shot (both these ships are great for dogfighting, especially the gunship)
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