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  1. Commando...easily. Come on, I took out 3 on my own one time when I had "accidently" blown up my own squad with a poorly designed flammable barrel-majjig-boom-thing and a few stray shots
  2. I'd be a commando, because ARC troopers wear skirts, and I don't like to wear skirts methinks.
  3. They don't age fast after they've grown to full maturity, that was just a way to breed a large army very fast. And Commandos would win, and they would win easily if I was playing them.
  4. are there any "funny" cheats, like Giant heads or replace your squad with ewoks and stuff like that? Otherwise: Don't care.
  5. I got through it in 6½ hours on my first try, but I had played the demo a few billion times before that, and I played very aggressively, an example: Oh look, a looked door, slice it, run in, throw grenades all over the place, shoot at the other areas and at the same time stab that super battledroid to a greasy death...I was down to my pistol during half the time hehe...a bit overly aggressive maybe but it got the job done...last time I played I think I got it down to 4h and 10 minutes. Now I'm confused, do you mean, 4-0 Fixer or 0-7 Sev?
  6. I've played this game for 1 month. It started out ok, until I hit level 6 and there was a patch release (I think it was publish 19, not sure), My Combat-XP wasn't moving much...I got help from some guildies...now two weeks later I'm level 15 and still working my ass of fleeing from alot of the critters that are just one level lower or the same as me, they still kick my butt, I have to spend most of the times in the fights just healing myself to stay alive. And when I finally kill them? Yeah, I get 29 more XP for my Carbines (Is that a bug or something?), only 69 971XP to go...before I can begin my way to become a novice carbineer. Fair enough, the creatures I kill aren't big by a veterans standards, but i still fight them for a pretty long time, for a very tin amount of xp. The guns i loot if any are for people at level 50-something, and no-where am I able to find weapons or equipment that are effective to me, they are either to high level req. or they are to low to be any big help. If I hunt any of the animals I have to watch my back real close because any time the group of lvl 25 scyks or whatever spawning right next to the critters I'm fighting (that are my level) might aggro me and come flying at my throat at any second, and they run fast as hell, they all do...at least compared to me. If I'm lucky some people in my guild are online and able to help me grind, does it help much? Sure, but it's not me doing any killing, and I only feel like I'm being a fifth wheel slowing the group down or being a burden, I don't want to play as a burden, I want to be able to help my team, and the latest upgrades have only made that task more difficult by dragging my grind down to a halt. I'm a "n00b" I know, but I know when a game needs to be fixed, I don't want to be punished just because the devs found out that the Jedi-population is breeding out of control and will soon escape their cages... P L E A S E F I X T H I S I N T H E N E A R F U T U R E
  7. Will there be one? I for one want a sequel... If it's allready in progress would you please point me in the right direction?
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