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  1. Yeah I just saw this on IGN, the lightsaber fight at the end looks interesting. Edit: 100th post - took me long enough ;x
  2. These were released by one of Free Radical's artists, Richard Smith, after Free Radical closed for business. He hosted them on his site but they were removed; luckily someone uploaded them to this site before they got taken down.
  3. wtf is wrong with the lightsaber hilts? they have the same proportions as the ones on lego star wars ;x
  4. Greedy or not, I think it's awesome. If I turn my house into the cantina on Mos Eisley -- complete with band -- I'll die a happy man.
  5. I personally am not bothered at all with this game and although I'm disappointed about the lack of K3 I'm hardly surprised that LA have come up with yet another money spinner rather than what would probably have concluded the KOTOR series, which seems to be a more logical thing to do rather than start yet another storyline in yet another era. Ah well...
  6. The best film this year will be Max Payne. No question.
  7. yeah i watched it, was hilarious ahaha
  8. Megadeth > most, if not all. This is not up for debate, I am right.
  9. This is LucasArts we're talking about. They'll use any excuse they possibly can to squeeze people for money, knowing full well people will pay it.
  10. Onboard card m8! My other one stopped working after I took my PC to some shop to get something fixed and had it put into a new case I think the guys at the shop broke it and didn't tell me...
  11. Stopped caring about Cartoon Network and so on the day they stopped showing Dexter's Laboratory and Cow And Chicken!
  12. A few disgruntled PC users not buying LA's future games is hardly likely to make them change their minds, you're probably wasting your time.
  13. Just got an e-mail from Game containing these codes as I pre-ordered it with them: To unlock Lightsabre throw: ADEGAN To unlock all Lightsabre Crystals: HURRIKANE
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