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  1. I've noticed my units have a habit of getting stuck at points. For example in GC on Bothawai, Yoda was destroying a Consortium bunker but after destroying it, would not move. He was stuck in that spot. Then last night the same thing happened in Skirmish on Felucia. The water by the imperial base, Obi-Wan got stuck. Luckily I was able to land a gallofree near him and airlift him out. But then yoda did the same thing, and I mistakenly sent in Garm and they BOTH got stuck. This happened in EAW as well when Vader was by a buildpad.
  2. You got a shipping notice? Mine keeps saying shipping soon can not be changed and that the estimate is Nov 1st or 2nd. I placed this order August 1st.
  3. Your description of diplomacy sounds similiar to the bribe option that was shown in the presentation video. Perhaps a modder, if they have access when the expansion comes out, can make diplomacy based on the bribe option.
  4. Where exactly is yoda. I don't recall seeing him at all.
  5. Yesh

    Jango VM

    marz it seems to me by that recent picture, that changes helmet is a bit quashed it should be taller and slimmer. nice job though.
  6. Yesh

    Yoda VM

    the face looks better. However. Yoda's eyes seem to have too many bags under them. And he's looking very depressed. The mouth seems off to me. The forehead and skin seems much better.
  7. Yesh

    Yoda VM

    this looks great. Just change his expression to either a soft one or a battle one, and give him some hair and he'll look great. Out of curiousity how many toes did you choose to give him? And will he have mouth animation?
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