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  1. Neomarz, the weekend has begun and I'm still waiting for a reply of you. Do you want me to completely rig the model and make versions for both JA and JO? If you do, please say it soon, because I've got a lot of work to do from monday until friday, and if I were to do the rigging, I'd like to finish it this weekend. Thanks in advance, I'm waiting for your answer .
  2. Heh, Psyk0, I think you most probably misunderstood me. I know that I've only got to rename certain bones . Marz, all I need is your finished model in .3ds format. I promise it will be done after the weekend. Thanks for your interest .
  3. Annoying but simple? In my opinion, that's not correct. I don't think it is annoying at all. Simple? That depends on the mesh, and on the expectation of yourself. Everything can be simple, if you are easily satisfied.
  4. At the Void, some people began to ask whether there is going to be a JO and JA version of your model. This made me think,... Well, I offer you to weight the model. Maybe you don't know me, because I don't do much for JA, but I'm a fairly experienced weighter. I'm using a skeleton that can be compiled for JO and JA - without ANY errors/bugs. I promise that it wouldn't take too long, if you don't want to have several Levels of Detail. Facial animations aren't possible, and finger animations aren't such a great deal, they're pretty easy to do. I'd love to help you out and increase the quality of the animations a fair bit. And even more people would be able to play with it . I would have it finished when or even before Ruku's finished his amazing work. We work together a lot, anyway. I hope you consider it - you can't lose anything.
  5. You're probably talking about me. Smithlord asked me today. I'm not officially NOT doing it, I just have a lot of other stuff to do that keeps me busy, for example the new animation set for Order 66, and a lot of character modeling. Ruku and me have been working on that model. It will be ready for the demo release of O66. Model-wise, the weapon is done for months,... Well, as I already said, I've got a lot to do, and not only game developing of course. And as far as I know, it is called DC-15 carbine .
  6. Oh,...sad to hear this. Well, I also don't like the community, and what Lucasforums has become. But I love modeling. It isn't about a game, or a game community for me,...just about modeling itself .
  7. Great to see you again, I thought I'd never meet you
  8. Twingo and I solved our problem, and I shouldn't have overreacted like this. I have a hard school life, and not much time. I'm often stressed. I don't know if anyone can,..or even wants to,..but please, forgive me. It's not my aim to argue with anyone. I finished weighting the Sion model weeks ago. If anyone wants it, PM either Twingo or me. LightNinja, I'm sorry for replying with such a long delay. Maybe you are interested in this little video. It is a jedi body, which I modeled completely from scratch, and in this video you can see a test animation which I rendered, to check and show the deformation of the model. Well,..it is my first complete model ever,..I have been modeling for about 3 months, so you can call be a bloody beginner. I also do stuff which has nothing to do with JKA, much more with personal experience. One of the things I plan for JKA is a new Han Solo model, and using the body in this video for my Jedi Master Tholme model. Thanks for your interest. Again, everyone, I apologize!
  9. After Twingo yelled at me and said other unpolite things, I won't finish this model. Give him the fault, not me.
  10. I never said that I *made* this model. It was more a weighting practice. And I can make models from scratch as well, so please don't blame me.
  11. Well,...I'm waiting,...
  12. I won't ever release it, am I crazy or what? Like I said one post before, this is for my personal usage. In this topic I offered Twingo to weight "his" Sion model, and I don't care what the hell he is going to do with it then.
  13. minilogo I didn't say it was much work to port this Nihilus model, I just weighted it. For my personal usage. And besides this, I can make models from scratch myself.
  14. Yun yuny, Twingo has to send me the model first. By the way, here is my ported Nihilus, ready for JKA:
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