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  1. When on the rooftops in stage 9-1, start smashing the many crates to find an artifact. Take that artifact back home, and give it to April. Once she appraises it, she'll tell you that it is the original TMNT aracde game. Now go to the title screen, and go under options. The original TMNT arcade game will be there.
  2. Hey Anthony where did you get that skin for the taskbar and such? Anyways heres my desktop
  3. Yea, Im a big fan of TNA. The SS2 box picture I posted was just one random one, mine says its M instead of 12+ lol.
  4. I know what part he's talking about. The part on the ice where Kong starts sliding all over the place with Ann in his hand and she starts laughing. It's really just to show how much they care for one another really.
  5. You remember when Ann was preforming her act for Kong back on Skull Island? Well thats his way of imitating her falling down.
  6. One of my favourite movies of all time... Plus a ticket to the Slipknot concert coming to Toronto on October 25th.
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