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  1. Well there was last year when you announced the "Expansion" Pack to Empire at War
  2. Nice Site Update DMUK Where is the "We Love Foshjedi2004" Banner?
  3. Nice to see other sites have stolen my uploaded images... http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?topic=4036
  4. More to Come Later People....The Demo so Far is a lot of Fun. I want to play the normal Campaign!!!
  5. I have the RAW transcript here. I think that Xfire will have to send it off to LEC for scrubbing before it can be published.
  6. I have the transcript but I have to wait before Xfire release it before I can post it... Here is an extract though [Xfire] matteox: Hello, and welcome to the Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption chat with the developers from Petroglyph & LucasArts. The team will now introduce themselves and start answering your questions. Petroglyph Chris: My name is Chris Rubyor and I'm the Lead Designer for FOC [Petroglyph] MFetterman: My name is Michael Fetterman and I'm the Producer for FoC Petroglyph Chris: Working on questions now. Darth_Torpid-PG: hehe that's better - hey guys I'm Pat Pannullo story designer and other misc stuff
  7. Guys...Calm down... Things have been rather calm and civil up to now thankuverymuch. -LIYAD
  8. If you read star Wars Lore the Ranks are not the same as the current Militaries of the world. They don't go "Lieutenant", Lietenant Cmndrer, Commander, Captain, Admiral For Fighter Command and Fleet Command they go Lieutenant, Captain, Lieutentant Colonel, Colonel, Commander, General. Fleet command then go into the Admiralty Ranks.
  9. Explain to me why a Fleet Strategist Like Garm Bel Iblis is in charge of ground units?? A Ground hero would more likely be Generals Rieeken, Cracken or Madine would be better suited for that role
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