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  1. I think AI should be eliminated from multi-player games, at least on line, just like Battlefield. That way it's all us.
  2. Ultimate rez. Woo hoo! ...when you play FPS games where rockets have no splash damage, and come back to SWBF1 with an evil glee.
  3. I've been playing Battlefield for awhile now. But since they're in the middle of a patch, I came back to SWBF1. Wow, I forgot how fun this game is. My multiplayer screen name is LostLocke.
  4. That's where the IFTs come in. They should be defending the AT-AT so it can do its business. Unfortunately, most times my teammates will just go sailing right by so they can climb the mountains or spam the main rebel base. I'm left there with two speeders on my tail just thinking "Awww...you've gotta be f****** kidding me!"
  5. I never knew that after all this time. So you press ALT while doing the roll maneuver? ex.....A or D (for the strafe) + SPACE (for the jump) + ALT? Or is it an entirely different combination?
  6. Just digging through some old threads...... Well, I could not resist the Bueller reference, LOL. On number 1: There are NO differences in hosting 1.2 vs 1.3. Except that only players with the SAME version can play on your server. On number 2: That has a multi tiered answer. First, a dedicated server is much more stable and can be on 24/7 with no real ill effects. It has it's own version of Battlefront to work with. Second, and I guess even third, when you host from a home computer, you have two choices....."PC Dedicated" or just "PC". .........In "PC Dedicated" you can't play on the computer that's hosting. You need an entirely different computer to do so. But the connection is more reliable. And if someone doesn't have the map being played, they'll simply be kicked from the game. Others will continue to play unaffected. ........In "PC", a problem with ANY player, MAY show up on others' computers. Players who don't have the map being played, MAY be simply kicked. Or they may CRASH the entire game. Of course, however, you CAN play from that computer.
  7. PSP? As in Sony Playstation Portable? Please don't tell me Battlefront 1 was released for the PSP....! I would have to kill myself, as I'm "stuck" with Battlefront 2.
  8. OK, to clarify consistent, and to add another thought....... I'm thinking there should be a "base" selection of maps, maybe 2 to 4, that are always there, never change, so players have a chance to get used to them. Then other maps could be added or changed as popularity dictates. That way players aren't overwhelmed by a constant change and influx of different maps. Sure we're bored with the same LucasArts maps over and over again. But there is a comforting familiarity about them. Maybe some of the custom maps should generate that same feeling. Just a thought. Let me know your feelings.
  9. FF...I will mention your idea for a Renaissance to the rest of the TPR clan for their thoughts. I think if you could compile a fair amount of consistent maps, they, or at least some of them, would be willing to give it a try. I couldn't agree more. I think the first thing I noticed when playing SWBF2 was its "whip-lash" sense of movement. Every time I turned the whole map seemed to spin wildly. SWBF1 has a more realistic style of dimension. Ideally, to me, instead of coming out with a new version, they should have created an expansion pack, simply adding these new classes, weapons, vehicles, and maps....while maintaining the original gaming style. Your ally in the Renaissance...... LostLocke ________________________ Just to add....1.3 did have one good, useful improvement..... When viewing a Droidika from some distance, it no longer would run over the same course 3 or 4 times, or drop from a height add reappear again, or roll around in circles before seeming to teleport across the map. You could actually watch and follow it the whole time. That's it.
  10. 1.3 introduced more bugs than it fixed. After it came out, all servers with the exception of about 3 went back to 1.2, and so did the people playing on them. Stick with 1.2. Also, I'm intrigued by your project. I'm sure I'll be dropping by the website to see what's happening.
  11. Depends on the actual program. Look along the menu bar at the top for Options or Tools or something like that. Or some, like mine, say Program Control.
  12. ^ s it a hardware or software firewall? I haven't had any particular problems with leaving mine up and playing. In the options or permissions, you should be able to tell it to allow SWBF to receive and transmit.
  13. ^You're absolutely right. On Mos Eisley:Assault it's usually nothing but a bunch of Mauls running around on the villain side. I use that MP opportunity to learn other choices. I'm starting to like Grevious. He lacks force powers, can't "fly" jump like most, and if he's attacked first, he's usually done. But if he runs to an enemy and gets the first swipe in, they're usually guaranteed death. It's not just what they can do, or how much of it, but how you learn to use it.
  14. I keep telling myself, I'm going to leave, I'm going to leave. But somehow I find something interesting, or different enough to keep my attention a little longer. Though the annoyances are many....I can't pick up anything I've placed in my house; I still have no clue about crafting; why when I shoot an enemy from a distance does it suddenly appear right in front of me; etc........I think I'll be holding on a bit longer. I just wish they'd add more classes. Or at least have us be able to have a primary and secondary profession.
  15. I know this thread is old, but....WOW. Hiding behind a tree or rock is an exploit? I didn't even know you really could hide. Kurgan, I've seen you on the Battlefront forums, so I know you know what a real exploit is. I'm assuming this person didn't get "inside" the trees or hills... Besides how long can hiding work in SWG? Eventually your enemy will have run up to you. (Or seemingly teleport as they do now.....)
  16. Being in the firefight is great. But a pilot who runs around the 'outskirts' repairing droids, building turrets, suppling health/ammo...etc...is FAR from a noob. Haven't you been in a situation where you're attacking, but the ammo droid you wanted to replenish from is gone? Who's gonna repair that? When I'm in the heat of battle, and I see a human pilot player repair my droids, repair my ships even, I always make sure to thank them. To me they're the unsung heros. Just my opinion.
  17. When you switch to "recon" mode, you have a health bar like your unit. But this drains with time. So if you don't think you'll make your target before it runs out, find a closer target. But don't randomly oribital strike, this is an easy way to get a lot of TKs. At the least, just find an enemy unit and blast it in the head until you kill it, or it destroys the droid.
  18. After over a year of playing BF, I finally have to ask..... What's up with the exploding ammo/health droids? I assume it has to with game play. The time of the battle, who's winning/losing..... But can anyone give me details? What's the criteria? When does it occur?....etc..... Thanks
  19. ....when you yell and swear at every gasoline truck you drive by because you confuse them with a different type of tanker.
  20. What moves an inch a minute? The AT-ATs or the AT-STs? Yeah the AT-ATs are slow....supposed to be. The AT-STs are quite fast, even compared to the movies. The AT-STs in BF2 are more true to the movies.
  21. I had this happen a lot on BF1, but rarely on BF2. Your computer specs are more than enough to run the game properly. If you're actually getting the lag indicator before it quits, as opposed to it simply crashing and going to desktop, then it might be a real connection problem. Try different servers even with less than optimal ping. Does it still happen? Could be the server itself, the better the ping the more people it's likely to have, and more people equals more issues for the server. Try one with nobody on it too. I assume your internet connection is fine otherwise, no other major issues....? Oh yeah, at any time did you completely lose your internet connection after one of these freezes, and have to restart your modem or router?
  22. This is probably old news, but I thought I'd post it for newbies. (Please, NOT No0Bs) The Recon will trigger enemy mines when it goes over one, but has a much smaller "trigger" radius. Try to get in front of your teammates when they go down hallways or choke points, and shoot/set off any enemy mines in the area. The built in laser is weak, about as good as a pistol, but I HAVE killed human enemy players with it....so USE it. At the least, it distracts them. The best thing: go into enemy territory with it. Find a rocket unit, and follow him. As soon as he lays a mine you'll trigger it and it'll kill him. Better yet, hover around a choke point where there's mines, and wait for enemies, preferably human, to walk into that area, then dart over the mines. It'll get the mine layer plenty of TKs and teammates yelling at him for TKing them. Hilarious. They never know what hits them.
  23. On what pier of Kashyyyk? If you mean the two jutting out from the beach, you're in danger of the ATST/AAT attacking that area.
  24. It is a nice spot, but be careful online as a lot of the villians have taken it on themselves to charge the hanger with the sole purpose of taking out the ammo droids.
  25. I would say so.....co-pilot, encased so no sniping the driver, and swivable head. On both the ATTE and ATAT, the anti-infantry weapons would do practically no damage. If you're in an ATTE sometime try firing those at a spider walker, it's health lowers extremely little with each hit, image that against an ATAT. The ATATs particle cannons are more powerful the the ATTE's main ones, but the ATTE is more powerful when the secondary gunner's particle gun is added. So just face to face, I think the ATTE would win but with almost no health left.
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