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    I've always wanted to be a Jedi/Sith/Jedi again after that!
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    Kirkwall/The Free Marches
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    Gaming, writing, reading, eating out, chess, sleeping
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    Between jobs/in transition
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  1. As these stories go, at least the ones that have as many posts as yours do, I doubt I'll be able to post that frequently since I'm gone on a lot of business trips for work and out of town, too. I know how it can get when people post dozens of times per day, and I'm afraid I (and Andorra) will get lost in the shuffle. It's happened before with some of the other roleplays I didn't start but tried to do. It's kind of like playing an MMO. Some people get to level X FAST because they're constantly playing the game, but other people have to "level" a bit slower.

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