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  1. Okay! :) Go ahead and implement it, if you will. :)

  2. What might that be?

  3. Nope--sorry. Good luck on it, though!

  4. Wouldn't you know it--some BOOKS have practically torn me away from the Internet, mostly The Hunger Games but also Madame Bovary. I've been trying to write a lot of fanfic lately and haven't found my groove yet. It's frustrating...:p

  5. Russian,


    Are you actually Russian? Also, is the "dong" part supposed to mean what I think it does?

  6. Oh, thank you SO much! :) If you have a YouTube account, could you please rate and comment? :)

  7. Excellent! My CS is done. I hope it pleases!

  8. Oh, of course! :) Can't think up a good character sheet yet. Will try today. :)

  9. Oh, yes indeedy!!!

  10. Answer: nothing. :p :P :p

  11. Please don't kill me for posting the thread "Tysyacha's Dating Criteria". The video is HILARIOUS, especially in this digital age when nob0di knos hw 2 spel.

  12. Long time no see! :) How have you been doing?

  13. Your "Pawn Endgame" story is amazing (I love the title, too, since I'm a chess fan!) The part where Atton insists the Exile call him Jaq, and what follows, is just chilling. Keep up the good work! :) By the way, I'm always looking for a good writer who can help sharpen my skills, too. Would you mind reading Zero-Sum Game? Please? :) I'm glad you're back in the CEC--we need some more stories!!!

  14. Bravo! :) Sounds very calculating and cold.

  15. I'm all for it! :)

  16. Hey! Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel, Ficwriter Films! :) (Honestly, I didn't think anybody would, especially not this early...) :)

  17. She would be very, very, VERY "weirded out".

  18. Sounds good, and I'm up for it. :)

  19. Not at all. In fact, I'm very intrigued by Tegan and how she's going to influence the story!

  20. Yes, it definitely is. :)

  21. I cordially invite you to join my new RP: Reavers! Check the Backstage Casting Call for more information. :)

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