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  1. Could you make a copy of it somehow (text file, screenshot, anything) and make that available before it's lost forever?
  2. OK, well Sushi you are dev #2 now as far as I can see so if the concept is lost on both Razor and you then it's not going to fly and I think I'll just drop it.
  3. CoOp is a good example of what could be a unifying concept. I know it itself is not enough to satisfy those who prefer competitve play, but it's still an example. Maybe "unifying concept" is a better way of saying it than "theme." Features, i.e. enhancements in gameplay, can't really be the unifying concept in cases like baseJ KA mp where there is too little cohesion to begin with. Even UT, about as pointless a brawling FFA game as any, dresses it up with an excuse like "it's futuristic gladiator combat sponsered by Liandri Mining Corp." What is it for JKA mp? Any possible SW character using any possible SW weapon (or SW-styled character class loadout) fighting on any possible SW planet map because they are gladiator slaves owned by Hutts?
  4. Their theme is clearly "movie environments", the idea of battling in authentic or fairly authentic movie scenarios with the right characters in the right settings. The theme of "MovieBattles" isn't about combat or gameplay enhancements they've made. It's about movie battles. Gameplay enhancements are just bells and whistles compared to the idea that it lets you participate in movie scenarios.
  5. Maybe the "theme" doesn't have to be a setting. It just needs to be some underlying concept that unifies the parts of the project. It's no big deal to me in itself. I'm just seeing if this project could ever be something I'd be interested in devoting time to specifically, instead of just seeing if occasional stuff I do happens to suit OJP's needs and letting you have it if you want. If it's going to be just a '"souped-up" version of base' then my heart won't be in it. Not only that but I think Max is right, a theme - whatever its form - could give players out there a reason to try the game, a reason to like it, and a reason to stick with it long enough to learn it. A souped-up version of base isn't shiny enough to be worth the pain.
  6. I committed these changes (except made ideal distance 84) to OJP-E, I think, and that's all. This is my first time committing anything to a CVS source so you might want to check to see what's changed. p.s., POWER!!!! UNNNNLIIIMIIITED POWER!!!!!!!! (j/k! don't worry!)
  7. It's just an idea I'm putting out there, looking for opinions such as yours Cariss. ----------------------- With any kind of setting, Razor, the idea would be to help provide OJP with a natural list of classes, skills, weapons and gadgets. It also provides a rationale for the fighting, something baseJKA mp doesn't provide. I find games that mix up random characters in a pointless brawl with no explanation very boring. But that's a matter of taste I guess.
  8. OK let's see what people say, but I don't think it would be wise or ethical to push in what you don't want Razor. If it turns into something alien to you and you lose interest then the project is sunk. So do you have any ideas to make the thing more cohesive or do you not think that's necessary?
  9. I'll have CVS access again soon, but I don't know if I have commit permission. I just have a regular old account. Could I do that?
  10. Sorry about the mandalorean wars thing. We were for it but were afraid there wouldn't be enough for saber enthusiasts to do and the possible lack of class variety. KOTOR seems the next best thing since it has the same mandaloreans available (veterans of the mando war are there) but without those issues. I'll still consider it though if the idea is popular and Maxstate probably would too. So...what do people think of that? Mandalorean wars or Jedi Civil War (aka KOTOR)? Or something else entirely?
  11. That's OJP basic, and I like it. But Enhanced can't be used for that anymore. The only big difference I can think of is the saber system and that's gone way beyond what I think someone's going to use in their own mod. Why not just go all the way and make it it's own thing all the way?
  12. Me and Maxstate were discussing the idea of a setting or theme for OJP-E, something to help us focus on characters, classes, weapons and gadgets and so on. I layed out a bunch of options and he invited a couple of friends to the discussion. At first he and I were leaning towards the OT or the Clone Wars. The OT was interesting but we were worried about the lack of jedi and such. The CW had more variety. His 2 friends though both voted for the Mandalorean wars, and we started to think that might be a pretty cool idea. The only problem was that there has been so much time spent on the OJP-E saber duelling system and that wouldn't get used much except jedi vs. mandaloreans with viborblades. So Max and I talked about it and decided to settle on a few years later at the Jedi Civil War, the same setting as KOTOR. This allows for Jedi, Sith, Mandaloreans, Sith & Republic soldiers, and assorted adventurers and bounty hunters. Non-force users could even try duelling with vibroblades. It is a popular setting and we have a good idea what it should look like. It would require new models and maps or at least a modified appearance to old maps. We also know about the equipment available. We would have to be careful to not violate bioware's copyrights or whatever the legal stuff with KOTOR is. What does anyone and everyone think of this? Razor?
  13. You need to edit those values in ai_tab.c and recompile the game. They are values for the tabbots.
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