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  1. Just bought the new All That Remains album. Really good.


    And I just found a cover of Judas Priests' song Livin after midnight by Disturbed


    Really cool version.


    I also found a rare five finger death punch song that i think is their best song.

    I don't think I can link to it because it swears a bit, but it is called Succubus.


    You seem to have seem to have taste in metal music. That FFDP song seems to be "hate me" from their first album, with some alt. rifts and what not. But ATR is one of the most amazing bands I've seen live.

  2. Watch out Oilers!


    Hahaha. Sadly, I don't the Oilers are going to win another game this season regardless of who they're playing. :(


    The San Jose Sharks had 5 players on their team who have 4 gold medalists and a silver medalist. So, it's no surprise that the Sharks and Blackhawks are like the two best teams in the West.

  3. They were talking about the ratings here in Canada, and it turns out that 80% of the population tuned in for at least some portion of the game.


    Yeah, I had to work during the game. Fortunately, I planned my breaks so I could watch as much of the game as possible. I only missed the first goal, and that last goal... let's just say the rest of my shift was pretty damn good.


    At the ripe old age of 22, Sidney Crosby has won a gold medal, Stanley Cup as well as a gold medal in the world juniors. Now all he has left to do is revive the Oiler franchise back to their glory days. :p

  4. HOCKEY!!


    Honestly though. I pretty much watch whatever is on. I've always been interested in the Olympics, both summer and winter. I'm rooting for Canada and obviously it's in Canada, so I hope we can do better than we normally would. So far, we've been doing pretty well, but go figure, USA is in first. :dozey:


    Not gonna lie, curling is pretty fun to play. Hell, I don't really mind watching it. Its pretty easy to figure out. But I can see why people don't care for the sport.

  5. I wanted to see them with Slayer and Testament here in Toronto, but the show got canceled because of Tom Araya's back surgery. :(


    Weak. Megadeth and Slayer were here less than a year ago, but I didn't go. I wish I did, but it should still be ****ing badass with Megadeth and Testament.


    Are you still gonna be in TO when they're back in July?


    I have two zippos, one from Germany and one from Chile. I just haven't used either or bothered to get any butane. I prefer BICs though.

  6. No offense taken whatsoever. I watched the show because the early episodes were hilarious because of how ridiculously stupid all the "Gs" were, and the later episodes actually weren't half bad because the gang-banging ex-cons from earlier were actually trying to clean themselves up and make a difference. There were some legitimately heartwarming scenes by the show's end.


    Yeah. I actually watched a few episodes. Although, I believe it was from the second season, but I didn't mind it.


    Mind you, I didn't mind King of Cars either. :indif:

  7. As I Lay Dying I know they are metal, but if you like very melodic vocals + awesome drumming/guitars, than I'd suggest you check out "The Sound of Truth."


    Definitely. I would also suggest All That Remains. "Two Weeks" is one of the my favourite songs. Anything from The Fall of Ideals is really good. Most of their stuff is screaming, though.

  8. The emo and hardcore-people of Trondheim by far outweighed the metalheads, starting a moshpit at the first song. Who the hell starts a moshpit at a black metal concert? :confused:


    Word. I've been to a few emo-hardcore concerts and the moshpits ****ing suck. I dunno 'bout you, but it makes me want to knock someone the **** out when all they do is flail their arms and legs. Another thing that bugs the **** outta me, is people who crowdsurf, but that just might be me. :p




    New Rammstein album! It would be nice to see them come over to Canada. They're one of the few bands that I haven't seen yet that I want to see before they're done touring.

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